Account Based Marketing Best Practices - The Unique 5
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Account Based Marketing Best Practices – The Unique 5

Account Based Marketing best practices can be a set of key practices that will effectively improve your performance. Are you interested in account-based marketing? Looking for some compelling account-based marketing best practices? If so, keep reading.

This article aims to help you understand what account-based marketing is and some of the effective account-based marketing best practices you can consider implementing for your business. 

What Is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a business marketing strategy focusing resources on a group of target accounts within your target market. ABM uses customized campaigns designed to engage each target account based on their pain points, problems, and requirements. Having a checklist that contains a set of effective account based marketing best practices will level up the marketing quality of the businesses.

The three main types of account-based marketing are as follows:

  • One-to-one or strategic ABM.
  • One-to-few or ABM lite.
  • One-to-many or programmatic ABM. 

5 Account Based Marketing Best Practices

Some of the Account-Based Marketing best practices are as follows:

Account Based Marketing Best Practices
Account Based Marketing Best Practices
  • Use data to make decisions
  • Develop a customized client journey
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Define ABM campaign goals
  • Attract high-quality accounts

Let’s dive into the details.

#1 – Use Data To Make Decisions

The primary thing among the account based marketing best practices is the data used to derive business insights. A successful ABM campaign majorly focuses on the best and high-value accounts. The high-value accounts are the ones that are mostly responsible for an organization’s revenue. As a growing company, you will require data to find high-value accounts. This is where you can use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and sales tools to discover high-value accounts among your target audience.

#2 – Develop A Customized Client Journey

As a growing business, one of the account based marketing best practices is to offer a personalized client journey. Refer to your ideal client profile information to help you develop a customized client experience.

When your ideal client visits your website, they should feel they are in the right place with a personalized experience. This contributes to the conversion of accounts to clients or buyers. You can develop your website with engaging features such as downloadable case studies, PDFs, or whitepapers relevant to your industry. You can also consider including a CTA to keep your clients engaged.

#3 – Identify Key Stakeholders

Identifying your key stakeholders plays a vital role in account-based marketing best practices. To get responses from your accounts, focusing directly on stakeholders connected to the decision-making process is essential. 

Apart from identifying the key stakeholders, performing an in-depth analysis about them and the company is essential. By doing this, you will be able to learn about their struggles, their problems and pain points, and the type of solution they are looking for. This will help you convince the right people to close the deal.

#4 – Define ABM Campaign Goals

A clearly defined goal is the next important factor of the account based marketing best practices. Having goals for ABM campaigns is essential as it helps you stay on track and will help your business progress. It is also important to have a data-driven plan backed by a set of defined company goals. This also enables you to determine the metrics you can use to monitor the performance of your campaigns.

You can also consider using the SMART approach to set your ABM campaign goals. 

  • S- Specific
  • M- Measurable
  • A- Attainable
  • R- Relevant
  • T- Timely

#5 – Attract High-Quality Accounts

The main goal is to categorize who to attract and target based on your service or product. Once you have decided who you will target, look for these contacts within the company. Reach out to them. Instead of directly talking about sales to them, ask about the account and their requirements. You need to focus on attracting the decision-makers of the accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you succeed in account-based marketing?

Some of the best ways to succeed in account-based marketing are as follows:

– Perform in-depth research and analyze data about the account you are targeting.
– Align both your sales and marketing teams.
– Understand the pain points, needs, and requirements of your client.

2. How effective is account-based marketing?

Implementing account-based marketing best practices, tactics, and strategies in your business has shown significant success in increasing the number of deals. Account-based marketing focuses on high-value accounts that are most likely to succeed with your service or product. This helps businesses identify and acquire quality accounts that will become their clients.

3. What are ABM best practices?

Here are some of the account-based marketing best practices that you can consider implementing.
– Make use of data to make decisions.
– Develop a customized client journey.
– Identify the key stakeholders.
– Define the goals for ABM campaigns.
– Attract high-quality accounts. 
– Pick the right marketing platforms.
– Build an ABM team.

Wrapping Up 

If you have been looking for a comprehensive guide about account-based marketing best practices, this article should have helped you understand it. In this article, we have discussed what account-based marketing is and some effective account-based marketing best practices. Make sure to use the best practices to achieve the desired results. 

If you have been looking for services that can help you boost your sales opportunities, and take your business to the next level, reach out to learn more about our services.

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