Cool Tips On How To Generate Mortgage Leads
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9 Cool Tips on How to Generate Mortgage Leads

How to generate mortgage leads? Are you looking for effective answers to this question? You are not alone. Statista states that 6.9 million home sales occurred in the US in 2021. This shows the potential market of the mortgage industry. The challenging thing about this is, though there are enough chances, the conversion rate of mortgage leads is around 2% to 4%. With a strategic approach, you can multiply the conversion rate. 

In this blog guide, we will be discussing some of the most highly efficient tactics and strategies to generate mortgage leads. So, without any further ado, let’s get down to it.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Generate Mortgage Leads
  2. How to Generate Mortgage Leads
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Related Reads
  5. Final Thoughts

Why Generate Mortgage Leads

Every mortgage professional or loan officer wants to work with more leads to increase conversions and revenue. As the entire mortgage process is rapidly shifting to a more digital format with every passing day, borrowers are more into online research. Hence, optimization and changes in your strategies must generate leads. If you would restrict yourself within a circle, you may never attract enough leads. Being a mortgage professional, you can go above and beyond to reach out to your target audience by every means necessary. 

How To Generate Mortgage Leads

Here are a few compelling strategies on how to generate mortgage leads. Integrating these techniques into your existing strategies could let you cherish the benefits to the fullest.

How to Generate Mortgage Leads - 9 Ways
How to Generate Mortgage Leads – 9 Ways

1. Remember Content Is the Key

You need to establish yourself as an authority to get recognized in the mortgage business. How do you do that? Build awareness and trust, drive traffic, and show results to your prospects. Amazingly crafted content is the answer to all of these. This content goes way beyond just “blogs.”

There are different types of content, and different prospects have different preferences regarding digesting content. So, you must be ready with quality blogs, videos, infographics, social media images, newsletters, checklists, and case studies. By displaying the right content to the right audience, you can easily attract them and build your search engine presence.

2. Use a Local SEO Strategy

By building a local SEO strategy, you can build awareness for your business to reach potential customers around you. Search engines and local listings are the first places homebuyers head to while looking for a home loan. First, sign up and create your Google My Business profile, so your name starts appearing on Google Maps and online listings.

Make sure that you provide all the information and upload some photos as well. Next, you need to get positive reviews because that is how buyers start to trust you. A survey revealed that 9 out of 10 customers read reviews before making a purchase. So, ask your happy customers to share their positive feedback and experiences online through Google reviews. Finally, you need to get backlinks from local businesses to gain more trust from search engines.

3. Get on Social Media

Social media is too big to ignore in almost any industry because the majority is online on social platforms. That means there are many leads, and you can leverage free and paid social media marketing strategies to get the most out of it. You can get a maximum ROI from social media if marketing is done correctly and effectively.

First, create your social media business profile on popular channels, like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Then share all relevant information about your business on those platforms. Consistently share photos and videos along with your client reviews to boost credibility. Use hashtags to expand your visibility and try to share engaging content to interact with potential prospects.

4. Use PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is another effective way to find mortgage leads online because you can create highly-targeted ads based on customers’ age, location, and salary. This allows you to reach your target audience quickly and pay for advertisements based on the number of people that click on your ads.

You can use PPC advertising on search engines and social media, like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Choose the business keywords to appear on your ad and efficiently set the targeting options. PPC advertisements are best for immediate ROI, so you should focus on brand awareness and SEO strategies for better long-term results.

5. Get on Quora

Quora is an extensive online community where people ask questions and connect with different people that contribute to the answers. So, there are good chances of people looking for mortgage-related queries on this platform. You can solve the doubts of these prospects by answering their queries and telling them about your services.

Search for relevant questions using keywords, and you will see similar questions people are looking for. Make sure that you don’t sound like a salesperson in your answers. Focus on the relevancy and quality of your answer and pitch your service at the end of the answer.

6. Get Referrals from Builders & Real Estate Agents

Old-school techniques are always in play, which is one of the best ways to generate mortgage leads. Get in touch with real estate agents and builders in your community to build relationships with them. Both are different businesses that make up the organization, so you can easily trade referrals.

There are different real estate networking events where you can meet real estate-related firms. You can also look for realtors in local listings and magazines. To diversify your referral sources, you can search for relevant finance planners, insurance agents, and estate planners, and contact them for referrals.

7. Create Personalized Landing Pages

Personalized landing pages can serve as 1-page websites for your visitors. The landing page can encourage visitors to take specific actions to help you generate leads or sales. To present your offering in a better way, you should focus on delivering a personalized browsing experience.

Try to use catchy lines and offer your solutions in a way that makes it hard to say “no.” Make sure that your landing page is visually appealing and easy to digest. Use custom CTA to match the user intent. Include a section for social proof, case studies, and client testimonials. Also, at the bottom of the page, be sure to include the FAQs section. Most importantly, ensure that your landing pages are optimized to deliver a smooth user experience.

8. Use MLS Listing

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a vast database developed in the interest of real estate brokers to provide information related to the properties open for sale in the US. Also, the database has mortgage information, real estate news, and a mortgage calculator for properties. So, how can you benefit from it?

Well, homebuyers are always on the site to look for properties. You can collaborate with a realtor or broker to get listed as a mortgage lender in the property description. Your contact is then visible to potential customers, who can contact you easily.

9. Use Email Marketing to Find & Qualify Leads

An email marketing campaign to generate leads sounds tricky. If you can build a list of prospective customers, you can use email marketing to find relevant people for your business.

You can use short forms or subscription options on your blog or article pages to build this list. You can also find contact details from social profiles, or you can contact certain relevant agencies to get lists of prospects from them. Use metrics as email opens, link clicks, and bounce rates to filter and qualify leads.


1. What is lead generation?

Lead generation is acquiring new customers, investors, and clients or recruiting relevant resources. While you can have a considerable number of leads or prospects, the quality of your leads determines your revenue. While doing so, your tools and ingenuity in your audience’s needs and interests play a huge role.

2. How to generate mortgage leads?

Implementing the right strategies can generate mortgage leads for your business and convert prospects into customers. There are different ways to generate mortgage leads. Some of them are :

– Utilizing content marketing
– Local SEO
– Social Media and PPC Advertising
– Creating Landing pages
– Email marketing

3. Why is it challenging to generate mortgage leads?

The finance industry is both well-funded and highly competitive. As a result, ranking for relevant keywords around mortgages, loans, or other financial services can prove challenging. That said, ensure you target specific niches, and your client’s interests yield the best results.

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Closing Thoughts

The mortgage industry depends significantly on quality leads, but it is neither easy nor hard to find leads. With the exemplary implementation of the right strategies, you can generate mortgage leads for your business and convert prospects into customers. Home sales are constantly increasing, as stated in the study by Statista at the start of the article. These numbers will keep rising, and it is time to take advantage of them.

However, sometimes businesses need a fresh set of hands or are running with limited resources to dedicate a team for lead generation. If that is the case with you, feel free to reach out to our experts for perfect and effective mortgage lead generation solutions.


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