Say Goodbye to

Low converting leads

Take away the burden of prospecting from your team’s shoulders. Our lead generation services will fill your calendar with high converting leads, freeing up your team to concentrate on what matters the most – closing deals.

Chase results, not prospects

We take off 80% of your sales cycle load so you can concentrate on the crucial 20% – closing the deals.


80% segment has the following word cloud: 

What we’ll do

  • Building sales pipeline
  • Lead acquisition
  • Prospect identification
  • Contact verification and clean up
  • Understanding leads
  • Campaign strategy
  • Targeted messaging
  • Outbound campaign executions
  • Chasing the leads
  • Follow ups

20% segment has the following:

What you’re left with

  • Appointment fixing
  • Solutions demo/presentation
  • Closing the deal

Beyond lead generation: We are your go-to-market partners

We don’t just acquire leads. We orchestrate your end-to-end sales success by defining your go-to-market strategy and executing your full sales cycle.

Persona-based sales pipeline

Our persona-based approach ensures that your message strikes a responsive chord with your prospects, leading to increased conversion rates.

High-converting leads

Our lead generation approach focuses on quality rather than quantity, ensuring the leads we generate will likely convert into loyal customers.


Our laser-focused approach to ROI strategically aligns every decision and action to deliver impactful outcomes for your business.

Done-for-you process

We do all the heavy lifting to streamline your full sales cycle, freeing up your sales team to focus on what matters the most – closure.

Outbound led campaigns, but inbound like conversions

We help accelerate your business growth with outbound campaigns that convert like inbound strategies – but faster. 

Here’s what success with our outbound lead generation service looks like.

Fill your calendar with high converting leads

Once you start working with us, your calendar will look something like this – packed with meetings eager to do business with you.

Ready for a jam packed appointment calendar?

Our blueprint for etching your success story

To drive impressive results and high ROI, we rely on our unique approach to lead generation and efficient appointment setting process.


Our distinct persona-based sales approach is what sets us apart. We begin by understanding the persona of your ideal customers, which paves the way for targeted communication and robust conversions.

Compelling outbound campaigns

To capture the interest and attention of your prospective customers, we run various campaigns backed by impactful messaging. 

Lead research

Based on the persona, we get into the research mode. This involves actively scouring the leads, gathering relevant information about them, and meticulously contacts that align with your requirements.

Chasing prospects

Our team actively pursues the leads, maintains regular communication, addresses inquiries, and fosters relationships to pave the way for setting up an appointment.

Pain points identification

We meticulously assess the challenges faced by each lead, ensuring that your product or service can cater to their specific pain points and provide valuable solutions.

Fixing appointments

We arrange and schedule mutually convenient meetings or calls with interested prospects for you. Hereafter, you take charge of the conversation and present your solution in more detail.

Solution pitch

Equipped with a deep understanding of the prospect’s pain points, we craft a compelling solution pitch that effectively communicates how your offering addresses their specific needs and resolves their challenges.

Follow ups

Following your meeting, we stay connected with the prospects, nurturing the relationship, addressing any outstanding concerns, and supporting you in moving closer to closure. 

lead generation

No dark corners, just crystal-clear visibility

Unlike many appointment setting agencies, we don’t operate in the shadows. Partnering with us is like having your own dedicated SDR team. You stay in the loop every step of the way. 

Unlock high-converting opportunities with complete control.

Get a snapshot of your success with us

At Outbound Master, we are committed to driving your ROI to new heights. Our tailored solutions are built around your distinct needs and goals.

See the ROI you can achieve when you partner with us.

Partner with trust. Collaborate with confidence

With a solid track record of satisfied clients across our services, we've built a strong reputation as a trusted partner. We are eager to take your growth to new heights.

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Here’s what our clients think about our services.


Stop chasing leads and start closing deals

Let our expert team sweat your sales cycle and help amplify your business growth. Get in touch to explore what we can do for you.

    Frequently asked questions

    Outsourcing lead generation services offers several benefits. First and foremost, it liberates your sales team to dedicate their time to closing deals, not spend their valuable time on prospecting and other time-consuming tasks. By leveraging the expertise of professional appointment setters, you can ensure your calendar is filled with high-quality appointments with potential clients who are genuinely interested in your offerings. This targeted approach leads to increased efficiency, improved lead generation, and, ultimately, a higher ROI for your business.

    Lead generation specialists play the critical role of lead generation and fixing appointments with prospects in the sales process. As a lead generation services agency, we are responsible for reaching out to prospects, introducing your products or services, and securing appointments with qualified leads. Our expertise lies in effective communication, building rapport, and scheduling meetings between your sales team and potential clients. By acting as the first point of contact and taking off the load of 80% of the sales cycle, we pave the way for successful sales conversions.

    Yes, lead generation plays a pivotal role in increasing sales. By connecting your sales team with qualified leads, it accelerates the sales cycle and enhances the chances of closing deals. With a consistent flow of appointments, your sales team can focus their efforts on converting warm prospects into satisfied customers. By leveraging appointment setting services, you can experience significant growth in your sales revenue and overall business success.

    The lead generation process typically begins with a thorough understanding of your ideal customer persona. Our team will identify your prospects and their pain points, create a customized outreach strategy, and craft compelling messages to engage potential clients. Through a combination of communication channels like phone calls, emails, or LinkedIn, we reach out to prospects, introduce your offerings, and secure appointments on your behalf. Our goal is to connect your sales team with highly qualified leads, empowering them to focus on closing deals and achieving remarkable results.

    A persona-based sale refers to a sales approach that tailors the messaging and strategy to specific customer personas. It involves understanding your ideal customers’ characteristics, preferences, and pain points and aligning your sales efforts accordingly. By leveraging persona-based sales, we ensure our appointment setting process is targeted and effective. This approach increases the likelihood of connecting with prospects who are most likely to turn into your paying customers, resulting in a higher success rate and improved ROI.

    We employ a variety of effective strategies to set appointments and maximize success. Our approach includes personalized outreach, where we craft tailored messages to resonate with your prospects. We also utilize multi-channel communication, leveraging phone calls, emails, and other platforms to engage prospects. Furthermore, we continuously refine our strategies based on data-driven insights, ensuring that our appointment setting efforts align with your potential customers’ evolving needs and preferences.

    Once we fix an appointment with a potential client, your team is responsible for taking the conversation forward and closing the deal. This includes demonstrating your services and products, negotiating, finalizing the paperwork and other details, and ultimately, closing the deal.

    While our primary focus is on appointment setting, we understand that closing deals is essential to your business’s success. Although we do not directly participate in deal closing, our appointment setting service sets the stage for successful conversions. By connecting your sales team with qualified leads, we enable them to close deals more efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to provide you with a consistent stream of high-quality appointments, enabling your sales team to capitalize on those opportunities and achieve remarkable results.

    Our pricing is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. We offer flexible pricing options based on factors such as the scope of services, the volume of appointments required, and the complexity of your target market. We understand that every business is unique, and we strive to provide pricing that aligns with your budget and delivers a strong return on your investment. Please get in touch with us to discuss the details and get a personalized quote.