Rewriting the rulebook of lead generation services

We are not content with being just another lead generation agency. Our mission is clear: to redefine how businesses approach sales, drive extraordinary results, and be the trusted partner our clients can rely on to achieve their sales goals.

The spark that ignited Outbound Master

When necessity calls, innovation answers. That's how our journey began.

The genesis

Emerging from thriving careers consulting Fortune 500 companies worldwide, Sam and Dan, our visionary Co-founders, channeled their entrepreneurial drive to build LinkDoctor– our white hat link-building services.

Scaling up

With each passing day, LinkDoctor experienced exponential growth. Our client base expanded continuously while our dynamic team flourished, bolstering our capabilities. Additionally, we elevated our services by introducing to deliver results-oriented content marketing solutions. 

Realizing our need to evolve

While we excelled in inbound marketing, our clients sought our guidance in their outbound marketing endeavors. Recognizing the gap between their expectations and our capabilities, we knew it was time for a transformation. Realizing our limitations as outbound marketers, we hired B2B lead generation and cold calling agencies with top-ranking online presence. 

The turning point

Our expectations were crushed as these agencies fell short of delivering results. The lead generation agency managed only 3 appointments in 4 months with no conversions. One of the cold calling agencies provided 20 meetings in 3 months, mostly no-shows, and resulted in just 1 small sale. The other cold calling agency had us requesting a refund within 2 months. This pivotal experience revealed the substantial gap in the effectiveness of lead generation services that even top agencies fail to bridge. 

Taking the matter into our own hands

Determined to reverse the tide, we embraced a transformative mindset, ready to seize control. Assembling a team with the right skill sets and leveraging our robust data stack, we took charge of every aspect necessary to deliver robust lead generation services to our clients. 

And here we are

Swiftly mastering the process, we evolved into Outbound Master – a comprehensive agency rewriting the rules of lead generation and delivering exceptional results. 

Our Impact

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Voices of Satisfaction

Here’s why our clients love our services.

Meet the minds shaping and guiding us

The exceptional leadership of our co-founders empowers our organization to redefine boundaries.

Samuel Darwin

Founder and CEO

Daniel Martin

Co-Founder and COO

Meet the Outbound Master driving forces

The passion and dedication of our stellar team are the unstoppable force that steers the success of our clients.



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Thriving together, succeeding as one

At our core, we believe that great results are not merely achieved but carefully nurtured. That’s why we are dedicated to fostering a strong and vibrant culture where our people can thrive, grow, and continually surpass their own expectations.

The heart and soul of our company's culture

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