Case Studies Overview

We helped CommentSold's Videoo Realize 5X ROI

CommentSold – Videeo was a relatively new offering and faced significant challenges in finding early adopters. They had a team of 2 account executives with very few demo.  


2 Months


60 SQLs


2 Deals


18 Booked


CommentSold’s Videeo business focuses on offering live selling services via comments integration on various social media platforms. Their target audience ranged from apparel & fashion, cosmetics, home decor and luxury sectors. 

Pain Points

  • Relatively New Offering 
    CommentSold’s featured product Videeo was a relatively new product offering which was not very popular in the industry. Despite being an innovative live-selling solution, most prospects were not aware of it. 
  • Identifying and Reaching the target audience 
    CommentSold and Videeo found it challenging to identify their target audience who will be more inclined to buy this product.

  • Unsatisfactory lead generation 
    The leads which they initially had were not properly vetted and did not match Videeo’s requirements. They wanted more high-quality enterprise-grade leads. 

Our Approach

  • Analyzed their business and competitors

    Since this was a new product offering we got down to the brass tracks and analyzed their business and competitors to get a big-picture view of the problems they were facing.

  • Identified their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

    Next, based on our research we identified their ideal customer profile and further narrowed them down to specific target niches based on initial experiments. This helped us strategically craft tailored templates that resonated with the audience. After a few initial campaign rounds,  we went back to the drawing board and kept constantly tweaking the messaging until we hit the right spot.

  • Holistic and Continuous Improvement

    Throughout the campaigns, we adhered to our industry’s best practices. But, simultaneously implemented minor improvements to get better results. In consultation with the CommentSold team, we craftily combined their vision and tone of voice to achieve greater engagement and conversion rates.

Being able to integrate via slack led to great communication, the team was always willing to pivot when our needs changed. They were able to execute in finding SQLs with a focus on closes, not just meetings.

                                                           –  Matthew England, Sr Director of Sales, CommentSold              


OutboundMaster’s qualified appointment-setting services helped CommentSold consolidate its outbound marketing and give its Videeo business a sales kick-start. If you are facing similar sales bottlenecks feel free to reach out to us for a consultation. 


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    Outbound Master's Impact

    After signing up with us, CommentSold’s Videeo experienced significant growth:

    1. 18 Appointments
    2. 60 Interests
    3. 2 Closures

                                      All in just 2 months…..


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