A/B Testing Examples – Best 5 Samples In 2023
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A/B Testing Examples – Best 5 Samples in 2023

A/B Testing examples are stand-alone proof that depicts the significance of every minute part of your hypothesis. In A/B testing, you can experiment with a strategy in two or more ways. That is, a major part of your idea might remain the same, whereas you can just variate one factor to see which one is better for your strategy.

Sometimes, you might be fighting an uphill battle to get the desired results. You could even think of revamping the whole idea to witness the expected outcomes. But, to your surprise, a simple tweak might bring a huge difference in the result.

How do you find that right variating point that could positively impact your business? This is where A/B testing comes into the picture. You don’t have any written rules to pick the variables nor do you believe that trusting your gut feelings will always work. Instead, you can just test and trial with the options that are in line with your business.

This article will take you through a list of effective A/B tests undergone by Appointments to develop their business results.

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The Best 5 A/B Testing Examples That Add Value

Our sales team has experimented with plenty of ideas to figure out the best ones. There are also times when we undergo A/B tests to come up with an ideal customer profile for our business. Here, we have listed a few A/B testing examples.

#1 – A/B Testing Examples – Marketing Strategy

After developing a strategy to expand your client base, you can still variate one factor to experience statistically significant results. We identified our ideal customer profile (ICP) and gathered leads who match this ICP. Now, the ICP, target audience profile, the idea of the pitch, and a few other elements are the same, but we tried two different variations in the number of leads we plan to contact.

Customized Mass Email – Our team curated a strategy that would address a huge audience. Though we are reaching out to a mass audience we implemented customizations in it to make the receivers feel more personalized.

Account-Based Marketing – Usually, Account-Based Marketing has its own benefits, and will result in a significant impact. Here, you have the advantage of building a unique strategy that is more specific to a particular prospect.

A/B Testing Examples - Marketing Strategies
A/B Testing Examples – Marketing Strategies

Test Results – This A/B testing example is split testing done with two or more variants. Though it explicitly looks like 2 variants, there is a hidden comparison in it. That is, if we compare a normal mass email with ABM, ABM has a higher chance of winning. Because ABM requires a lot of time in curating personalized content for each prospect. But, the best part here is both ABM and the customized mass email performed well in their ways. We realized that customization is the smart way of adding personalization in a mass email. You can also include small customizations in a mass email that could do wonders.

#2 – A/B Testing Examples – Content

Content has a bigger part in the success of marketing campaigns. Did you observe that most of your marketing campaigns have content as their front face to communicate with the audience? Performing split testing in your ad copy, email, or web page content brings an evident impact on the conversion rate.

Testing Subject Line

This is one of the key conversion rate optimization techniques that result in more conversions. Our main idea was to pique our audience’s interest in appointment-setting service through emails. To do so, we did different variations in subject lines, keeping all other factors, like leads, and the body of the email constant.

Subject A had a hint about the next financial quarter.

“Achieve Your Q2 Targets”

Subject B mentioned the benefits of utilizing our service.

“Expand {Company name}’s Clientele

A/B Testing Examples - Subject Line
A/B Testing Examples – Subject Line

Test Results: When a financial year or the next quarter of the year is approaching, the mentions of words, like financial year, Q2, and Q3 piqued their interest. We have curated subject B to convey the benefits crisply and clearly. This approach also resonated with the audience while Subject A had a huge impact. You can also make use of the seasonal advantage to curate your subject lines and content.

Testing Content-Length

There is a common belief in the email marketing world that short & crisp emails get better traction than lengthier ones. Short and sweet emails that are to the point look good in the mobile view as well. But, for a change, we tried implementing lengthier content. Sometimes, the idea we try to communicate might not fit into a short intriguing mail. In this case, we compromised on the word count constraints and gave lengthier yet meaningful content a shot.

Content A – We customized the email in a way that it talked about receivers’ current performance and pitched them offering better results through our service. This email ended up with more than 100 words.

Content B – Shorter emails with less than 80 words that addressed the pain points, CTA, and the USP.

A/B Testing Examples - Email Body
A/B Testing Examples – Email Body

Test Results – To our surprise, Test A recorded huge results when compared to Test B. We concluded that audiences are more receptive to lengthier content, as well if we truly add value instead of just beating around the bush or spamming. Still, don’t overlook the benefits of crisp mail. You can experiment with your ideas, and then decide what works well for your strategy.

#3 – A/B Testing Examples – Lead Sourcing Tool

This is, again, an example of testing with many variations. In a marketing campaign, we fixed all other elements and varied the tool from which we source leads. Our variations included LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Apollo, Hubspot, Seamless.ai, Zoom Info, and a few more. Our team scraped data from many possible lead-sourcing tools and understood, which worked well for our business.

Test Results – Your results don’t necessarily have to be a variant. Sometimes, you can derive a strategic approach, a new idea, or a lesson as key takeaways. This is one such test.

After closely monitoring the lead quality of each lead sourcing tool, we figured out the need of adapting new tools and normalizing the collaboration. It is best for businesses like yours not to stick to one resource and explore from every possible nook.

#4 – A/B Testing Examples – Target Market

Our experts analyzed a particular campaign and figured out a pattern that didn’t resonate well with people of a particular designation. So, they made a variation in the designations. Instead of reaching out to C-suite people all the time, you can also add a few roles that will technically analyze the needs.

Test A – C-Suite (Deciding Authorities)

Test B – C-Suite, Marketing Roles, Business Analyst, and Sales

Test Results: Though the ultimate decision lies in the hands of C-Suite people, pitching to marketers, sales personas, and business analysts got traction as they would analyze the demands, and see if it will fulfill their requirements. Test B recorded more interactions compared with Test A. 

#5 – A/B Testing – URL Structure 

You can also try variations on features of your website. Like, the CTA button, prominence of CTA, URL directories, and a few more. It is not advisable to do multiple variations at a time. It might become challenging to predict the actual parameter, which brought the change. In one of our services, we restructured the URL subdirectories and placed our content accordingly.

Test A: Normal Approach


Test B: Industry-Based Sub Directories


A/B Testing Examples - Website Structure
A/B Testing Examples – Website Structure

Test Results

Adding a relevant sub-directory to place the content gave us an SEO advantage. Our team made a list of sub-directories of the industry who we have helped so far, and are still intending to help. Within those sub-directories, we placed our service description and a few case studies of relevant niches. You can also add location-wise directories in your URLs to stay notable in each location.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is A/B testing?

A/B testing, a.k.a. split testing. is executed to test out one or two factors and leave the majority of the process unchanged. This result would help you figure out the best suitable approach. Sometimes, your results may not be direct, still, you can learn from the pattern you observe in the results. 

2. When is A/B testing necessary? 

A/B testing is not a compulsory marketing step to undergo. But, this way of testing out the possibilities should help you with a better understanding of what resonates with your audience. You can go for this option when you are not sure of what will pique your audience. In this scenario, you can test the possibilities through this split test. 

3. What other variables can be tested? 

– Domain Name
– UI Design
– Visual Images

Final Thoughts

Did our real-time A/B testing examples grab your attention? If so, let us know which one you found the most interesting. You can also leave a comment with your other ideas to perform A/B testing.

If you prefer taking support from a marketing service that would assist you in such A/B testing, you can contact Appointments anytime. Our experts ensure end-to-end support from analyzing your business to closing deals with quality clients.

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