An Easy Guide to Email Drip Campaign
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An Easy Guide to Email Drip Campaign 2023

Did you know that 67% of marketers use automation for drip campaigns?

According to statistics, 82% of marketers use automation for their drip campaigns, resulting in 8 times more open rate and ROI than bulk email campaigns. Drip or triggered email campaigns have the chance to promote your business through an automated email process with an effective marketing strategy. 

How familiar are you with an email drip campaign? Have you considered implementing the segmented email campaign for your business? 

In this article, let’s explore the process behind drip campaigns, their benefits, best practices, and a sample automated drip campaign structure.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Email Drip Campaign?
  2. Automated Email Drip Campaign – Useful Tips
  3. Difference Between a Mass Email Campaign and Drip Campaign
  4. Drip Campaign – Best Practices
  5. Benefits of the Drip Email Marketing Campaign
  6. FAQs
  7. Wrapping Up

What is Email Drip Campaign?

Email drip campaigns refer to the slow nurturing of prospects by sending them emails at particular and timely intervals until they purchase a product or service a business offers. Many leading tech companies and brands effectively use drip marketing campaigns to sell their products and services. 

So, to brief you about drip campaigns, imagine you are scrolling through an e-commerce website and thinking about buying a particular product. Unfortunately, you must exit the website due to a call you received, and you forget about the purchase. 

Within a few hours, you receive an email suggesting the product you were looking for. Let’s say you ignore the email and carry on with your work. Within a few days, you get an email displaying the product’s reviews and a seasonal price drop. You head straight to the website and complete your purchase. 

You are satisfied with your purchase, and the company has a happy customer. 

This is just one scenario of how an email drip campaign works in helping customers complete the purchase or, to put it simply, converting prospects to customers. The emails you get as a reminder are pre-written and scheduled using email automation software.

The final step is not necessarily a purchase; it could be anything a business offers and considers the final conversion point.

Automated Email Drip Campaign – Useful Tips

Before promoting your business through digital marketing campaigns, you must choose an effective email marketing platform. There are multiple software such as

Choose the one that best suits your business profile and requirements to send mass and segmented emails. You can create the email automation sequence using these platforms, customize the structure, or use pre-installed templates. The format for the drip emails looks something like this:

Email Drip Campaign - Working Flow
Email Drip Campaign – Working Flow
  • Present a best-case for your products in the first email and optimize what content needs to be in the email body and images to get the attention of potential customers. 
  • The next step is creating follow-up emails if the user ignores your emails or doesn’t respond positively.
  • Create trigger emails encouraging prospects to purchase and the interval between each trigger/follow-up email.
  • Once you’ve figured out these parameters, you must create the sequence for the emails, intervals, and appropriate conditions
  • Assign the STOP EMAIL DRIP option to the right place while creating the sequence on the email automation page.

Difference Between a Mass Email Campaign and Drip Campaign

Mass Email Campaign

It is a marketing strategy in which cold emails are sent to numerous recipients simultaneously. It effectively reaches a mass audience in various geographical locations, cultures, and industries in one go. The email template varies across sectors, and the emails are A/B tested for better open and conversion rates.

Though multiple standards and procedures are involved in mass email campaigns, the lead conversion is not dependent on the emails sent but rather the collaboration between an organization’s marketing and sales departments.

Drip Email Campaigns

In drip campaigns, emails are pre-written and segmented using email marketing platforms, and the intervals of each email are scheduled. The content sent in perfect intervals during drip campaigns effectively convinces the prospect to purchase the product. 

The marketing strategy is purely based on the prospect’s behavior, activities, and response. Emails are not sent to irritate or disturb the prospect; instead, the email triggers are framed to nurture the prospect slowly until they make the purchase.

For your reference, check out the table below outlining the differences between the two marketing campaigns.

Email Drip Campaign - Drip Vs. Bulk Email
Email Drip Campaign – Drip Vs. Bulk Email

Drip Campaign – Best Practices

Email Drip Campaign - Best Practices
Email Drip Campaign – Best Practices

Maintaining the best dip marketing strategy is essential to ensure your business can stand against its competitors. There are different ways where things could go wrong, failing to implement the best practices in your email drip marketing strategy.

  • The primary goal is to educate prospects about your business through a white paper email and gradually nurture them throughout the campaign
  • Make the first move only when the prospect shows interest in a particular product or a service you offer.
  • Post business-related blogs, guides, success stories, and product descriptions on your website, and keep track of visitors. 
  • Make your emails as innovative and informative as possible, and try not to bombard details and content that may irritate your prospects
  • Ensure you have attached relevant PDFs, ebooks, landing pages, and proper CTA (call-to-action) links in your follow-up email.
  • The follow-up emails must contain attractive deals, offers, and the trial period for services and products. It must have anything and everything related to the customer’s interests.
  • The timeline is key to the right trajectory for the entire drip email campaign. Ensure that the time spacing is not too long (the customer forgets about previous emails) or too short (the customer is overloaded or has redundant information).
  • Finally, analyze the performance of your drip emails and the entire campaign to gain insight into your marketing strategy and optimize the upcoming drip campaigns.

Benefits of the Drip Email Marketing Campaign

Adding an email drip campaign to your marketing strategy will help your organization in many ways. Some of the top impacts of drip campaigns include the following.

  • Drip emails are targeted towards specific audiences and groups, which allows customization of the email content
  • Lead nurturing can be done effectively through drip marketing campaigns.
  • Email drip campaigns can educate leads about your business in brief and detail.
  • Creating brand awareness enables customers to share your business with others. 
  • There is no need for a separate campaign to keep track of your prospect’s progress from educating to the conversion stages.
  • The entire process is focused on the content in the segmented emails, the timeline, trigger emails, and follow-up emails, which makes the process more engaging than mass email campaigns.
  • Once you have an optimized email automation structure for your business, setting up the campaigns for the future takes less time

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the limitations of drip campaigns?

The major limitations of the drip campaigns are 

– Creating the entire campaign in automated segmentation consumes a lot of time.
– Since the campaign takes weeks to complete, it is hard to identify potential blockers instantly. 
– Content must be precise and unique under each trigger point and follow-up. It matches the audience’s interests, and more efforts are needed to nurture a prospect.
– There are possibilities where the customer never opens your email as the duration of the drip emails is not under the customer’s control.

2. Why are email drip campaigns effective in marketing?

Since the prospects are targeted individually, you can build a strong relationship with your prospect through drip emails.

-You understand when to push the relevant content to the prospect.
– You can create brand awareness using drip campaigns.
– Build excellent customer relationships.
– When users forget about the items in their online cart, automated drip emails help them to make the purchase decision.
– A successful drip campaign leads to more significant ROI for your business

3. Is a drip marketing campaign better than a mass email campaign?

Drip email campaigns contain trigger emails to push relevant content to potential customers. In contrast, mass email campaigns rely on the hope that recipients will open emails followed by an expected CTA response. According to statistics by Drip, 54% of brands send 2-4 emails monthly, and this frequency had the highest open rate.

Wrapping Up

This article had glimpses of wider topics from the email drip campaign. Stay tuned to learn more about your business’s drip campaign processes, examples, and key practices. 

At Appointments, we help organizations close more deals, build pipelines, and provide results-oriented solutions every time. 

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