9 B2B Content Ideas To Improve Lead Generation In 2023
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9 B2B Content Ideas to Improve Lead Generation in 2023

B2B content ideas that are uniquely created for each business will attract your audience from various sources. Leads are everything for the smooth running of any B2B company, and content marketing is the perfect tool that businesses can leverage to drive leads and sales. We also all know that content marketing is a vast (in fact, really, really vast) domain.

During COVID, face-to-face selling and in-person events were shut down. This made marketers and businesses realize the true power of content marketing. Hence, competition is on the rise, and in the B2B marketplace, you need to be ahead of the competition with your content game to grab leads and revenue.

As the content marketing domain is vast, B2B companies often find it hard to decide the type of content to use for their B2B lead generation strategies. If you are thinking about which content ideas are suitable for your brand or sector, we are here to help.

This blog guide will discuss various effective B2B content ideas to help you improve lead generation.

  1. Impact of B2B Content Ideas on a Business
  2. 5 Content Marketing Tips to Consider Before Getting into B2B Content Ideas
  3. 9 B2B Content Ideas for Lead Generation in 2022
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
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Impact of B2B Content Ideas on a Business

An effective content strategy has the potential to attract audiences of all kinds. Be it any marketing strategy, like email campaigns, social media, or blog posts, creating intriguing content can add value to your ideas and grab your audience’s attention. With quality content, you can establish your online presence, and get noticed by other businesses that may require your services.

5 Content Marketing Tips to Consider Before Getting into B2B Content Ideas

The following three key points are crucial for any content marketing venture. Your business should pay attention to these before jumping into the B2B content ideas.

B2B Content Ideas
B2B Content Ideas

#1 – Know Your Audience 

The most crucial step of any content strategy is understanding your audience. The initial process includes understanding the business’ service and figuring out to whom it will be helpful. With this gathered information, you may decide the tone, content type, and other elements of the content. 

#2 – Study the Market

Once the target audience is clearly identified, you must analyze the market. Understanding what the market is capable of, where you stand, and who your direct competitors are can help you curate the right content strategy.

#3 – Document Your Strategy

78% of businesses that believe their content marketing was successful in 2021 had a documented content marketing strategy. That tells us the importance of documenting everything before you begin your brainstorming sessions.

You need to specify your business goals, identify your audience, and mention the key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your success, as well as research and specify what content is working best and what you want your content distribution plan to be. These foundational elements can help you align your content with your brand’s goals.

#4 – Work with the Right Knowledge

Anyone can write a basic article, but to write a data-driven article with infographics, create an engaging video, or write a whitepaper, you need to have the right resources. If your content team operates with knowledge gaps, it can cause serious problems for your brand. 

You are trying to demonstrate your expertise to the audience and your credibility to the search engines. Creating low-quality content or working with content that you have no idea about or experience can damage your brand perception. It is important to gain proper knowledge, have the right tools and resources, or hire a third-party agency to outsource.

#5 – Find & Serve the Perfect Mix of Content

You should be equipped with various content to serve your audience (on different marketing platforms per their interests). You need to track which type of content resonates the best with your audience.

Also, you need to divide your audience based on different factors of your B2B products/services to share the most relevant content on various channels. You can document and strategize your next moves by checking the results of your different content mixes.

9 B2B Content Ideas for Lead Generation

Focusing on a single content type is generally not the right strategy for marketing campaigns. So, we have listed our top content ideas for your lead generation ventures to get started with.

9 B2B Content Ideas for Lead Generation in 2022
9 B2B Content Ideas for Lead Generation in 2022

#1 – Keyword-Optimized Blog Posts & Articles

You must focus on blog posts and articles from an SEO point of view to establish expertise and build brand awareness. Articles are evergreen and are great for B2B companies to rank on topics related to their brand. From thought leadership to trending industry topics, blogs and guides can be about anything, and you can create a high volume of them to see what is working for your brand. Stay relevant, choose the right keywords, and try to write blogs in a conversational tone.

#2 – Original Research, Reports, and Whitepapers

If you can conduct a study on a trending industry topic, the original research and whitepapers are significant in the B2B marketplace. These will be interesting, useful, and unique for your clients and other professionals in the industry. The best thing about original research and data-backed reports is that these can earn you backlinks and positive press. You can talk about industry myths to prove or disprove them, as well as discover or set industry trends. This type of content can go a long way.

#3 – Case Studies

If you are not using case studies to engage your audience and capture leads, you should start right now. Case studies are the backbone of B2B companies as potential prospects may want to read what other clients think about your brand or your products and services first. So, record a video interview or ask for feedback from your valuable clients and engagingly design your case study, so readers get inspired to take action. These case studies also serve as a page where you can demonstrate your results. So, tell your client’s story, discuss their challenges and your solution, and make it visually appealing.

#4 – LinkedIn Content

LinkedIn should be the focal point of your social media lead-generation strategy. This is because over 80% of B2B leads from social media come through LinkedIn. That shows how powerful this platform is in reaching out to your target audience. But what exactly is LinkedIn content? To get started, you can recycle your blog’s content and share snippets from it along with the link to the full article. Get involved in community discussions, and share industry insights to build your credibility. Experiment with different format types, like short videos, images, and podcasts, to boost engagement.

#5 – Ebooks & Guides

You have probably heard a lot about Ebooks and guides, as these are the most popular lead-generating tools (lead magnets) because they provide value to the audience. Ebooks are informative, from research guides to step-by-step tutorials or an ultimate guide on industry-relevant topics. You can use Ebooks on your website as gated content and let visitors download them in exchange for their contact details. Also, better the quality of your Ebooks, the audience will be more likely to see your brand as a trusted resource, and you can build brand authority.

#6 – Video Tutorials

Video content is pretty popular among B2B marketers and is incredible for explaining your product (if it is complex). You can visually show the functions and features interactively, and tell a lot about your products or services. Moreover, B2B clients are often busy and don’t have the time to go through written content. They prefer video over text; hence, video content in the form of tutorials and explainer videos can prove to be a strong return on investment for your business.

#7 – Webinars

Webinars can help you capture quality leads, as B2B clients must sign up and provide their contact details for attending the webinar. You can pick engaging topics, like how-to tutorials, explain the technical aspects of your product, or engage in a Q&A session to address the clients’ queries related to your product or service. You can also discuss industry trends, give product demos, or present live case studies to push these leads down the sales funnel.

#8 – Podcasts

Audio content is another innovative way to share information and reach your target audience on specific platforms. With podcasts gaining popularity recently, you surely won’t want to miss out on this opportunity. You can either start your podcast or collaborate with other leaders and brands to be a subject matter expert on popular podcasts. If your podcast topics are entertaining and inspiring, you can capture your audience’s attention. Just make sure that you don’t deviate much from the topic and be consistent.

#9 – Partnerships with Industry Influencers

Collaborating with non-competing brands and industry influencers is one of the most efficient ways to build brand awareness and attract B2B leads. You can be a guest on their podcasts or events, or you can collaborate with them on social media. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire their audience or followers. Map out such influencers to see if the audience is relevant to you, then reach out to them for a partnership. You can create content and guides and then host webinars together.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will blogs help to attract prospects? 

Yes, of course. Properly optimized search engine content will likely appear more readily in Google searches. This appearance increases the chances of clicks on your blogs. Furthermore, when your content is alluring, and the CTA’s are rightly placed, it can urge your readers to make purchases.

2. What are the different forms of content that can help lead generation?

Content is not just about a piece of writing. It may be anything like YouTube video content or social media content. If we dive deep into the writing form of content, we have varieties like

-Advertisement Copies
-Home Page Content
-Social Media Posts

3. What is B2B content?

Most B2B content will have other businesses as its target audience; the creator must focus on the tone and a higher level of professionalism. When your audience is being addressed as professionals, they may expect more etiquette or domain relevancy. 

Wrapping Up

Your B2B content marketing strategy should be creatively unique, and you should try these unconventional content formats to impress your target audience. A balanced strategy generates demand, educates your B2B audience, and helps you capture leads.

Although, when you create content to generate leads, you will have to dedicate resources. As we talked about earlier, you should document the strategy, create content with the proper knowledge, and use the perfect content mix. If you want to spend your time on more crucial things, then you can consider outsourcing the B2B lead generation process. If you need help with it, reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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