5 Compelling Call-to-Action Examples to Intrigue Audience
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5 Compelling Call-to-Action Examples to Intrigue Audience

Call-to-Action examples‘ is a curated list of compelling Call-to-Action that urges your audience to move forward in the sales cycle.

Finding it hard to wrap your head around call-to-action buttons, texts, and images? 

Call-to-action items require extreme focus and knowledge of your audience base to create effective CTAs. However, with a few useful tips, you can create a customized CTA that best describes your business and drives users to perform the intended action.

Read on as we take you through some essential Call-to-Action examples for your business to get desired conversion rates.

Table of Contents

  1. Call-To-Action Examples – A Quick Intro
  2. Types of Call-to-Action
  3. Essential Call-to-Action Examples
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. One Final Click

Call-To-Action Examples – A Quick Intro

Call to action, or CTA is a marketing term and strategy that creates an urge from the visitor’s end to perform an intended action

Imagine you are surfing the web for a particular product. During your interesting research, the website prompts you to continue reading only when subscribing to their posts or social media platforms. Deeply involved in your surfing, let’s say you click on the link or enter your email just to continue reading the entire blog.

Does this sound like something you’ve experienced before?

What the brand did is called the CTA, where the website convinces its visitors to carry out an intended action to increase user interaction and gain trust toward building strong customer relationships. A compelling CTA is NOT something that stands in the way of your user experience but rather fulfills the task of making the customer voluntarily perform the click. 

A CTA must be created based on the following

  • Imagery – Attractive images that would emphasize your CTA better
  • Catchy texts – Short word that best describes the action with creativity 
  • Place or position of the CTA – Must be present where users can easily locate
  • Relevance of the CTA – It must not disinterest or bore your audience

Types of Call-to-Action

CTAs help organizations interact with customers by filling out a form, joining a community, downloading resources, and using free demos. Before we see some of the popular CTAs that big brands currently use, let’s look at the different types of CTAs that are widely used. 

  • Continue reading
  • Buy now
  • Download
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Contact Us
  • Free trial
  • Share to social media

Essential Call-to-Action Examples

There is no perfect CTA that always proves to have a 10% conversion rate. The average click-through rate for CTAs across all industries lies within 5%. Therefore, it is better to implement what works for your business. If you are wondering how to create a CTA for your business, check out our article Call-To-Action 101.

Let us look at two brands, Linkdoctor.io and ContentMaketing.io, and analyze the CTAs’ placing, verbs, and the variations made on similar CTAs. The CTA examples have a simplistic approach and perform their intended purpose well.

#1 – Linkdoctor: Book a Call

Call-to-Action Examples - 1 - Book a Call
Call-to-Action Examples – 1 – Book a Call

This CTA describes the purpose of engaging with clients regarding further information about the services offered by Linkdoctor—ideally, home pages. Adding appropriate CTAs would enable them to contact your business directly and clarify things immediately. 

If your business promotes services or products, you can use CTA texts that would create an urge to perform actions like Book a Call, Talk to our Experts, Schedule a Demo, and Get in Touch with Us. This way, website visitors can engage with your team and climb the sales ladder.

#2 – How Your Business Works

Call-to-Action Examples - 2 - How We Work
Call-to-Action Examples – 2 – How We Work

Linkdoctor’s website informs the visitor about the process we follow as a team in fulfilling client requirements and briefly explains the process in individual steps. Though the steps involved in the process are quite evident in this particular portion of the page, it could be more visually pleasing and quickly informative. That is why a call to action is added right after the paragraphs. 

This CTA doesn’t need a fancy name or catchy verb. It’s simple to understand and fulfills the intended purpose. Direct customers to the landing page where Linkdoctor explains the process. Have a quick look at the following GIF for reference.

#3 – Linkdoctor: Blog Posts

Blog posts are one of the strong elements of content marketing that provides users with helpful content on the internet. It is one of the most effective ways to promote your business in written format and gain organic traffic by regularly publishing helpful content. According to web tribunal statistics, roughly 1.9 billion websites contain over 600 million blogs

Call-to-Action Examples - 3 - Blog Posts
Call-to-Action Examples – 3 – Blog Posts

How would you effectively use a CTA on a blog page? 

Linkdoctor webpage contains blog posts listed in such a way that it displays certain information regarding the blogs and potentially entices the person to read more about them. The primary intention of a CTA, in this instance, is to take users to the Linkdoctor blog page or a particular blog using a different CTA. Following are the CTAs used in the image.

  • Read more – When clicked, this button directs users to a particular blog page.
  • View All Posts – This lets users view the entire Linkdoctor blog content.

#4 – Content Marketing: Apply For Just $1

CMio website provides content marketing services to clients all over the world. At the initial stage, it is essential to gain clients’ trust by providing services through a demo service before they fully convert into loyal customers. Besides the usual contact us CTA button, CMio uses Apply for just $1 CTA, which poses a low-cost service with no compromise in quality.

Call-to-Action Examples - 4 - Apply for $1
Call-to-Action Examples – 4 – Apply for $1

A brief introduction to your business and a potential question that would arise in the reader’s mind would be the first step in creating an effective CTA for your business. Some key factors to consider are using powerful words in your supporting texts and simple CTA verbs with eye-catching offers and numbers capable of provoking visitors. 

Adding two or three CTA describing your business in creative formats will catch visitors’ attention even if they fail to miss the first time. One such example is the second CTA you can find on the CMio website, which concisely describes the need in two lines, an image and an action button (BOOK A CALL NOW).

Call-to-Action Examples - Adding two CTAs
Call-to-Action Examples – Adding two CTAs

#5 – Content Marketing: Fill Out a Form

One popular CTA is form-based, which gains information about the user to build customer relationships. This type of CTA eliminates the web page navigation to other site locations. Users can enter their email IDs, names, and relevant information in the dedicated fields. 

Call-to-Action Examples - 5 - Submit Now
Call-to-Action Examples – 5 – Submit Now

Take a look at this image; you can find that the service is neatly listed on one side and the call-to-action on the other. Though there is a strong possibility that users can close this prompt window, you can customize the window with free demos or seasonal price drop offers to make it more interesting and irresistible. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average click-through rate for CTAs?

According to Vye.agency research, the average CTR for call-to-action across all industries is 4.23%. A click-through rate of 2% and above is considered a good CTR for business  CTAs.

List some of the best CTA examples in marketing.

To get your click-through rates moving up and forward, start by experimenting with multiple CTA types with texts like 

– Social media buttons
– Fill form
– Buy now, Download now
– Join Free Trial
– Contact Us

It is important to A/B test certain CTA examples to understand your audience better and increase your conversions.

One Final Click

Are you ready to create successful CTAs for your business?

Consider this blog as a resource and get creative with your design. Always remember the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. Don’t focus on the conversion rates at the early stages. Instead, focus on understanding your audience and creating content that resonates with them. 

If you need help creating a sales pipeline for your business, reach out to us to take your business to the next level. At Appointments, we help organizations close more deals, build pipelines, and provide results-oriented solutions every time. 



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