13 Demand Generation Tools Every Marketer Must Know
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13 Demand Generation Tools Every Marketer Must Know

Demand generation is relatively in trend among marketers as businesses want to increase demands, generate quality leads, and close more deals. But, for all these things to work, the first step is finding the right tools to get the job done.

We all know the software market’s size, and choosing the right tools can be daunting. There are thousands of options. You need the tools to create demand, nurture leads, educate them, and automate specific marketing processes, just to name a few. So, how do you get the right combination of tools for your business?

We have done the heavy lifting for you to find the perfect combination of demand generation tools. If you are in doubt regarding what demand generation tools can do for you, then let’s quickly check out this next section, and then we will explore the best demand generation tools you can use.

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Concept of Demand Generation

Demand generation focuses on creating awareness, interest, and demand for your product or services. While lead generation is more about getting lots of leads, demand generation is about capturing more high-quality leads that are likely to convert.

Also, demand generation isn’t just the top-of-the-funnel marketing technique. It goes throughout the funnel and even continues through the customers’ lifecycle. It is about creating demand and educating prospects and customers throughout the journey using both inbound and outbound marketing techniques.

How Demand Generation Tools Help Businesses?

Demand Generation tools are the right companions for marketers to automate the process and reduce the time and effort they put into it. Data from Hubspot says that 50% of marketers prioritize lead generation in their marketing campaigns. Knowing the importance of generating leads through demand generation, it is not advisable to overlook the magic the tools can do for your business. Having said that, tools alone will not do wonders until it is handled by an experienced team of demand generators.

Demand generation tools can help you save money, time, and resources. The tools help efficiently execute your marketing strategies, track demand generation metrics, qualify leads, and streamline sales and marketing processes.

When used effectively, the right demand generation tools can help fill your sales pipeline with quality leads, resulting in increased business revenue. Doing all the demand-generation processes is exhausting and requires more resources. So, to minimize human error incurred risk, and to optimize your campaigns, implementing the right demand generation tools is a good option. Let’s get right into the list of tools now.

Efficient Demand Generation Tools

All of the following tools offer something unique and can help you in different ways. From automating your marketing ventures to helping you nurture leads, there are different things tools can help you with. We have segregated the tools below based on relevant categories.

Marketing Automation Tools for Demand Generation

Demand marketing is equally crucial for businesses to take their products to audience visibility. Here are some of the tools that could automate the marketing process, like email automation or lead generation. 

Demand Generation Tools for Marketing Automation
Demand Generation Tools for Marketing Automation

#1 – Autopilot

Autopilot is a relatively new name in the marketing automation world, and because of its ease of use, marketers love this software. Using this reasonably priced marketing automation tool, you can keep your strategies on track. The tool helps you with website tracking, drip campaigns, lead nurturing, action-based triggers, and Salesforce integration per your requirements. The best part about this tool is that you can create and send personalized messages to connect with prospects and customers. Also, you can automate manual tasks like sending interactive newsletters, offering proactive support, and scheduling abandoned cart emails, to deliver a delightful customer experience.

#2 – Pardot

Pardot is another popular marketing automation tool now part of Salesforce. The tool helps create more meaningful connections with clients and empowers the sales team to close more deals. You get various solutions like landing page creation, A/B testing, lead capturing, and email automation. You can also see and analyze the activity of your prospects, so you can create more tailored experiences. They provide a demo, so you can check it before opting for the paid version.

SEO Tools for Demand Generation

Optimizing webpages according to search engine algorithms can drive huge demand for businesses. A handful of effective SEO tools support you with features like keyword suggestions.

Demand Generation Tools for SEO
Demand Generation Tools for SEO

#3 – Semrush

Semrush is an all-rounder tool that helps you with SEO ventures, competitor research, content marketing, social media, and advertising. The tool automates most of the SEO processes and helps you easily track keywords, SERP positions, and much more through an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. The best part about Semrush is that you can thoroughly analyze your competitors by unveiling their marketing strategies and tactics. This allows you to curate your SEO strategies and content accordingly. You can try the tool for free, and if you like it, there are various subscription plans to choose from.

#4 – Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another popular SEO automation tool to help you with your demand generation ventures. The tool enables you to craft content to increase demand and generate quality leads. Ahrefs comprehensively spies on competitors’ SEO strategies, and provides you with meaningful insights, so you can structure your strategy, and plan the content. It provides you with trending content and competitive keywords to devise your demand generation strategy. You can also see how competitors build backlinks and can use that to edge ahead in SERP rankings.

Content Marketing Tools for Demand Generation

A compelling content strategy easily attracts the audience. Here are some of the tools that help businesses analyze trends and curate unique content that is more likely to convert audiences.

Demand Generation Tools for Content Marketing
Demand Generation Tools for Content Marketing

#5 – BuzzStream

As the name suggests, the tool is designed to help you create buzz (which means creating demand). It is a great content marketing tool to create awareness and authority around your brand in the industry. You can grow your digital PR and use the tool for effective link-building. It helps you capture qualified leads, and send personalized emails with ease. You also get quality data about your campaigns to improve your success. You can build relationships, and collaborate with influencers relevant to your industry. With insights in the tool, you can see what works best to build demand for your products or services.

#6 – Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an all-in-one social media management solution to help you with your content marketing on social media. You can create a social content calendar, and schedule posts to maximize engagement. By uncovering trends and actionable insights from social data, you can understand your audience to develop better strategies. Features, like hashtag analytics and in-depth reporting, help expand your content reach and boost demand on different social channels. With a unified inbox, you can streamline social monitoring and improve responsiveness.

#7 – Ion by Rock Content

Interactive content is essential to drive engagement and awareness, and Ion provides you with the opportunity to create valuable content in different formats. With the templates provided by Ion, you can start building interactive experiences that you want to include in your demand gen strategy. With advanced reporting features, you can know who is consuming your content and how they are engaging with it. Using A/B tests, you can check which variants are driving conversions and leads. The more interactive your content is, the chances of generating qualified leads increase, and that’s why it is a good tool for demand generation.

Lead Nurturing Tools for Demand Generation

Engaging with your audience throughout their customer journey can increase the chances of getting them converted as your customers. A few lead nurturing tools are in the market to assist you in this process. 

Demand Generation Tools for Lead Nurturing
Demand Generation Tools for Lead Nurturing

#8 – LeadFeeder

For B2B demand generation, LeadFeeder is an excellent web tracking tool for lead nurturing. It helps you see the clients that visit your website, the pages they view, and from where they came. Using robust filtering, you can quickly identify hot leads. From an intuitive dashboard, you can check out all the details of your anonymous website visitors. From basic information to their company name, size, and more, you can check out a lot of information about your prospective customers using LeadFeeder.

#9 – LeadBoxer

LeadBoxer is a demand generation software solution that helps you get more quality leads for your sales team. The tool nurtures leads through its excellent lead-scoring technology. By rating prospects, LeadBoxer helps you identify their likelihood to make a purchase. With the visualized data, sales reps can easily assess, and give time to the top prospects more likely to convert. The website and email tracking feature help you identify the prospects that you should target and what dynamic content you should display to them.

Conversion Optimization Tools for Demand Generation

There are also specific tools to analyze and automate the conversion optimization process keenly. These tools track your customers’ behaviors and understand their interests and needs. 

Demand Generation Tools for Conversion Optimization
Demand Generation Tools for Conversion Optimization

#10 – Hotjar

Hotjar is one of the most popular conversion optimization tools that help you examine the real-time behavior of your website visitors. A session recording feature lets you track the visitor’s journey to see how they navigate and click around your website. This helps you to accurately place call-to-action buttons, and other links to analyze what’s working best for you. In other words, you can optimize your landing pages based on behavioral data to maximize your conversions and leads.

#11 – Unbounce

Unbounce is primarily a tool that helps you create custom-built landing pages for different marketing campaigns. It is an AI-powered builder with smart features to create stunning and engaging pages to boost your campaigns’ results. With built-in A/B testing functionality, you can easily divide the traffic to test multiple variants of your landing pages to see what works best from a conversion point of view. With smart suggestions, you can build your pages in half the time, and optimize them for more quality leads.

Reporting Tools for Demand Generation

Tracking the key metrics of your performance and the efforts taken can help you understand what needs more attention. There are tools that create dashboards to have an overall view of your performance. 

Demand Generation Tools for Reporting
Demand Generation Tools for Reporting

#12 – Google Analytics

You should be utilizing Google Analytics already, But, if not, it is time to use this excellent reporting tool by Google for your demand generation campaigns. You can easily set up conversion goals, and monitor the performance of your campaigns to see what is working with your visitors. You also know about your top-performing content pieces, and traffic sources, which helps shape your future campaigns effectively. Apart from Google Analytics, you can use Google Trends and Google Search to identify the search intent, trending keywords, topics, and more to write better content.

#13 – Panguin

Panguin is a free reporting tool that overlays your Google Analytics data to help you identify if traffic drop-offs on your website are a cause of Google algorithm updates. The tools ensure that your demand generation strategy continues to be efficient in the longer run. You can adjust your strategies and content accordingly by getting the results and reports. The tool also helps you by reporting the negative effects of your SEO efforts, so you can make corrections quickly.

Time To Become A Professional Marketer!

Utilizing demand generation tools benefits your marketing strategy as you can streamline your demand gen processes to save money, time, and resources. The tools will help you boost your revenue and see positive results for your overall marketing efforts.

As you build brand awareness through these tools by delivering targeted content to your audience, you will become an authoritative name in the industry, eventually resulting in higher-quality leads.

The better you use the tools, the more conversions you will get in less time. So, we hope that you find the right set of demand generation tools for your campaigns through this list. But, demand generation tools can not enable businesses all alone; it has to be integrated with other unique strategies of experienced demand generation experts. If you want to outsource your demand generation process to effectively utilize your resources and get better results, feel free to reach out to our team for a productive collaboration opportunity.


1. What is demand generation?

Demand generation is a marketing technique for creating awareness of your business, and your services. The goal is to reach your audience, and thereby grow your business. The actual implementation of your marketing and sales efforts covers your prospect’s journey to becoming your client.

2. Why is demand generation important?

The demand generation process is important for invoking interest in customers’ minds, boosting brand awareness, driving more qualified leads, reducing customer acquisition costs, expanding the customer base, and enhancing customer retention abilities.

3. How can Demand Generation tools help businesses?

Demand generation is the key strategy to improve the sales performance of a business. Utilizing demand generation tools can reduce the time and effort you put into automating the manual process. It can also support you with tracking the data and let you build your business models.

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