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Drip Email Campaign: 5 Thought-Out Examples for Best Results

A multidimensional marketing technique, a drip email campaign, uses targeted, automated email sequences to engage and nurture leads. Numerous studies have proven the efficiency of drip campaigns in assisting receivers to move through the customer journey, developing connections, and eventually promoting conversions. Businesses may effectively distribute timely and personalized material to their audience, addressing their unique pain points and offering beneficial solutions, by carefully designing a series of pre-scheduled emails.

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What Is a Drip Email Campaign?

A drip email campaign is a marketing plan that delivers a series of pre-scheduled, automated emails to a chosen audience over a certain time frame. A drip email campaign’s objectives are to cultivate leads, create connections, and lead recipients through the customer journey.

Drip Email Campaign Software

Here are some popular and useful drip email campaign tools, both free and paid, in 2023:

Drip Email Campaign Tools
Drip Email Campaign Tools

Free drip email campaign Tools:

1. Sender: Provides a free plan with limited features, including automation for drip campaigns and audience segmentation.

2. Mailchimp: Offers a free plan for up to 2,500 subscribers, and provides basic automation features to set up drip campaigns.

3. Sendinblue: Offers a free plan with limited features, including automation for drip campaigns and email personalization.

Paid drip email campaign Tools:

1. Drip: Provides robust automation capabilities and advanced personalization options. Pricing starts at $49/month.

2. ActiveCampaign: Offers a comprehensive email marketing platform with advanced automation and segmentation features. Pricing starts at $15/month.

3. ConvertKit: A popular email marketing tool with advanced automation features for creating effective drip campaigns. Pricing starts at $29/month.

4. Campaign Monitor: Provides a user-friendly interface, automation features, and customizable email templates. Pricing starts at $9/month.

5. GetResponse: Offers a variety of automation tools and pre-built workflows for drip campaigns. Pricing starts at $15/month.

Before making a choice, keep in mind your unique needs, budget, and the features each tool offers. The landscape of email marketing tools may change, so it’s a good idea to check the specific tool’s website for any upgrades or modifications to price and functionality.

How Can You Benefit from a Drip Email Campaign

For companies to interact with customers, develop leads, and promote sales, drip email campaigns are essential. The primary goals ought to be data-driven optimization, scalability, flexibility, lead nurturing and relationship building, higher conversion rates, time-saving automation, better customer retention, and personalized and targeted communication, as well as lead nurturing and relationship building. By using these initiatives, companies can benefit by improving communication, providing value, and succeeding in marketing.

The Best 5 Examples of Drip Email Campaigns

Here is a list of drip email campaign examples that could drive exemplary sales results for the business.

1. Abandoned Cart Drip Email Campaigns

Example 1 - Abandoned Cart Drip Email
Example 1 – Abandoned Cart Drip Email

An abandoned cart drip email campaign is a powerful marketing strategy to re-engage potential customers who have not completed their online purchases. Analyzing campaign performance helps optimize messaging and improve the customer journey, increasing conversions and customer loyalty for your online store. The main points include timely follow-ups, compelling subject lines, personalization, persuasive copy and imagery, clear calls-to-action, incentives, and post-purchase follow-up.

Example: Drip email campaign for abandoned carts.


Subject: Make Your Purchase Now to Avoid Missing Out!

Hello (Name of Subscriber),

We saw that you have something in your basket. You may get your (Product Name) right now!
Return to your cart to receive a special 10% discount on the items you left behind. This deal will be gone in 48 hours.
*Return to Cart (CTA Button)*
Return quickly before it disappears! Need some help? Call our customer service department.

Best wishes (Company Name)

2. Welcome Drip Email Campaign

A welcome drip email campaign is an automated series of emails sent to new subscribers or customers to welcome them, introduce the brand, and provide valuable information. 

A welcome drip email frequently includes an introduction to the organization, onboarding instructions, instructional content, promotional offers, and personalized segmentation in a campaign. You can build relationships, provide a good first impression, and promote continuous interest in your business by implementing this strategy.

Example 2 - Welcome Drip Email Campaign
Example 2 – Welcome Drip Email Campaign

Example: Welcome drip email campaigns. 

Subject: Welcome to the Club!


Hi (Subscriber’s Name),

Welcome to the club! We are thrilled to have you on board so you can enjoy all the awesome perks. On the coming weeks, we will send you helpful offers, and information to make the most of our products and services.
Accept our special “Thank You” with this 15% discount on your next 3 orders; enter “Welcome15” in the promotion code section at the time of checkout. Thank You for joining us.
Stay tuned for further emails.

Best regards, (Company Name)


3. Upsell Drip Email Campaigns

An upsell drip email campaign is a marketing strategy to increase sales by persuading consumers to buy more or better items. Segmentation, personalized suggestions, careful scheduling, appealing language and images, time-limited sales, clear CTAs, a simple buy procedure, post-purchase follow-up, and performance analysis are some important lessons to learn. Understanding customer preferences and effectively presenting relevant upsell offers can increase customer lifetime value and drive incremental revenue for your business.

Example 3 - Upsell Drip Email Campaign
Example 3 – Upsell Drip Email Campaign

Example: Upsell drip email campaigns.


Subject: Upgrade Right Away to Unlock Exclusive Benefits!

Hello (Name of Subscriber),

Upgrade your interaction with (Company Name) to get exclusive advantages to elevate your adventure!
By upgrading to our premium program, you can:

Use modern features and equipment to increase efficiency.
Receive dedicated assistance from our team of professionals.
– Access exclusive savings and VIP promotions.

Take advantage of this limited-time promotion to save 20% on our premium bundle.
Don’t pass up this chance to gain access to premium features and improve your (Company Name) experience. 

Best wishes, (Company Name)


4. Follow-up Email Drip Campaigns

A follow-up email drip campaign is a potent marketing tactic that uses personalized and automated email communications to cultivate prospects, engage clients, and forge connections. You can foster engagement, increase conversions, and build enduring relationships with your audience by providing pertinent information and timely messaging.

A key marketing strategy can include audience segmentation, which can be the welcome and onboarding processes, triggered replies, informative material, special offers, feedback requests, re-engagement efforts, and continual optimization. 

Example 4 - Follow up Drip Email Campaign
Example 4 – Follow up Drip Email Campaign

Example: Follow-up email drip campaign



Subject: We Haven’t Heard from You!

Hi (Subscriber’s Name),

You recently engaged with our website, but w see that you didn’t complete the order. We want to make certain that you have all the data you need.
Feel free to contact our assistance team if you have any queries or want further help. We’re here to assist you in making the greatest choice.
Don’t let the chance pass you by! Take action right away to experience the advantages firsthand.
(CTA Button: More Information)

Best wishes (Company Name)

5. Thank You Email Drip Campaign

A thank you email drip campaign is an influential marketing tactic that shows appreciation, improves client connections, and raises customer happiness.  By putting this campaign into action, you may express gratitude, offer insightful information, and foster steadfast consumer loyalty.

The following are important takeaways: Personalized thank yous, order confirmations, upsell/cross-sell changes, special offers, feedback requests, the sharing of useful resources, fostering continued dialogue, and continual development can help you quickly boost and gain confidence from your audience.

Example 5 - Thank you Drip Email Campaign
Example 5 – Thank You Drip Email Campaign

Example: A thank-you email drip campaign


Subject: We Appreciate You Choosing Us!

Greetings, (Subscriber’s Name)

We wanted to take a moment to convey how grateful we are that you chose our goods and services. We value the faith and confidence you have placed in us.
Your complete satisfaction is our main concern, and we’re dedicated to giving you the finest experience possible. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service staff if you have any inquiries or need help.
We want to show you how much we appreciate you by giving you a special discount on your subsequent purchase. To receive [discount information], enter the promotional code “ThankYou2023” at checkout.
I want to thank you again for your help. We are eager to continue helping you in the future.

The very best, (Company Name)


For companies to interact with customers, develop leads, and promote sales, drip email campaigns are essential in business development, which brings drastic customer engagement to any business. The primary goals should consist of data-driven optimization, scalability, flexibility, nurturing leads, building relationships, gaining higher conversion rates, implementing time-saving automation, better customer retention, personalized and targeted communication, as well as lead nurturing and relationship building. 

By using these initiatives, companies can benefit by improving communication, providing value, and succeeding in marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a drip email campaign free of cost?

Free drip email campaign solutions are available, but they are not very effective or convenient compared to paid subscription platforms, where you can access an unlimited, customized amount of emails delivered. Drip email campaigns typically need the usage of email marketing tools. Investing in smart drip email tools will likely provide profit. Free campaigns include Sender and Mailchimp. Paid Email campaigns include Activecampaign, Coverkit, Drip, and Getresponse.

2. How do you set up a drip email campaign?

The following steps are essential for setting up a drip email campaign. First, establish goals, choose a platform for email marketing, plan the email sequence, create compelling content, and set up automation triggers. Create templates, then test and optimize them. Track and analyze results, then iterate for continuous improvement.

3. What are some email drip campaigns’ best practices, ideas, and examples? 

Clear goals, audience segmentation, attractive subject lines, quality material, a regular schedule, the use of convincing CTAs, content personalization, testing, and optimization are essential when putting up email drip campaigns. Strategic planning, individualized content, and ongoing optimization are essential for success. Some examples are the welcome series, abandoned carts recovery, re-engaging, upselling, and cross-selling, as well as instructive initiatives. 

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