5 Ways To Build An Email Marketing Funnel To Increase Your Conversions
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5 Ways To Build an Email Marketing Funnel To Increase Your Conversions

Email marketing plays a vital role in the lead-generation process. The concept behind email funnel marketing is to naturally begin the conversation with a proper introduction, followed by getting to know each other and building a trustworthy relationship with them. This also helps potential clients effectively decide whether they want to purchase your product or service. 

This article aims to help you gain an understanding of how email funnel marketing works, the various stages of email funnel marketing, and some effective ways to build one that will help increase your conversion rate.

How Does Email Funnel Marketing Work?

Email funnel marketing refers to the content strategy that requires prospects to follow the sales funnel structure to have an influence over the content within the emails you send. In email funnel marketing, the emails are personalized based on the user’s current position in the funnel. This helps you understand and address the specific needs and pain points of the prospects at the right time. 

In email funnel marketing, a series of emails are planned and sent to potential prospects to help and guide their progress through various stages of decision-making, as well as help them take the desired actions. The email funnel is useful in nurturing potential prospects and helping them become buyers or clients at the end of the funnel.

Now that you know how email funnel marketing works, let’s discuss the various stages of email funnel marketing. 

Stages of Email Funnel Marketing to Increase Conversions

Email funnel marketing consists of 5 stages. They include:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion 
  • Loyalty
  • Advocacy

Let’s dive into the details.


TOFU is the initial phase of the funnel where prospects are still in the process of getting to know your business, your service, or the product you are selling.


The Awareness stage is all about introducing your business and what you sell. Your target audience can register or sign up to learn more about your service or product. You can consider sending introductions or welcome emails to begin the conversation in a more natural way.


Once you have created brand awareness, the next step is to go in-depth and share more knowledgeable information about your brand, service, or products. You can also consider sharing your story, the values of your organization, and how your service or product can benefit the potential prospect. 


MOFU is the mid-phase of the funnel where the potential client has crossed the brand awareness stage and has considered your service or product. Now, they move to the next phase of the funnel.


This is a stage in the email funnel that requires a push for the prospect to take the required and desired action. You can consider offering an attractive lead magnet that your prospects can not resist. Lead magnets encourage prospects to take the required action at this stage of the funnel.


At this stage, it is important to retain your existing clients. You must earn the trust of your prospects for them to stay loyal to your brand. This requires your potential clients to continue coming back. 


BOFU is the last phase of the funnel. This phase consists of loyal prospects who are of good quality that add value to your business. 


At the advocacy stage, clients feel so connected to your business that they are willing to provide feedback, reviews, and testimonies about your business’s services or products on social media platforms.  

5 Effective Email Funnel Marketing Ideas to Increase Conversions

Let’s discuss some effective email funnel marketing ideas to help increase your conversion rates: 

Email Funnel Marketing Ideas
Email Funnel Marketing Ideas
  • Develop a state of urgency.
  • Boost organic search traffic.
  • Have your forms and CTAs simple.
  • Make sure email funnels are data-driven.
  • Run customized campaigns.

Let’s dive into the details.


As a growing business, it is essential to create a state of urgency among your target audience to purchase your service or product. You can make use of widgets for your website to help increase your conversion rates. It also helps warm leads convert into hot and ready to buy prospects at the end of the process.


Another great idea is to boost the overall organic search traffic for your website. You can make use of keywords relevant to your industry. It is essential to focus more on higher-buying intent keywords to help your website rank organically.


When you design CTAs and forms, make sure to remember to keep them as simple as possible. Simpler the CTAs and forms, more leads you can generate and acquire. Even if your target audience is very much interested in your brand, if your form takes more time to complete, they might more likely end up clicking the exit button.


Data plays a vital role in helping businesses boost their conversion rates. Analytical data is used to optimize the efforts to increase conversion rates. Data-driven email funnels also are a great way to measure the impact of the changes you make to improve conversions.


Did you know that emails with personalized subject lines generated 50% higher open rates?

Customized campaigns help attract more leads. You can consider addressing your prospect’s pain points and problems through your campaigns. Customized campaigns help you connect with your prospects on a deeper level. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you structure your email funnels?

The best way to structure your email funnels:

– Top of the funnel
– Middle of the funnel
– Bottom of the funnel
– Repeat the funnel 

2. What makes a good email funnel?

A good email funnel consists of educational information that helps earn the trust of your prospective clients. It helps nurture leads or prospects at all stages in your funnel.

3. What are some tips when using email marketing?

Some tips to use email marketing are as follows:

– Send personalized emails.
– Make sure to automate emails for the best results.
– Make sure to perform A/B testing.  

Wrapping Up

This article should have helped you gain better clarity about the various stages of email funnel marketing, and some of the most effective ways to build an email marketing funnel to help boost your conversion rate. Make sure to make use of the ideas discussed above to help achieve the desired results.

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