13 Excellent B2B Lead Generation Tools
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13 Excellent B2B Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation is always at the front of marketers’ minds. Sometimes, businesses’ techniques and strategies must be revised to capture leads efficiently. This is why B2B lead generation tools are essential to driving new leads for your organization.

But how do you choose the best B2B lead generation tools for your business? There are thousands of tools in the market, growing by the minute. This makes it challenging to find the best ones for your business.

Worry not because we have got you covered. By going through the top tools out there and testing them, we have narrowed down the list and have come up with the absolute best B2B lead generation tools. Let’s get right into it.

Table of Contents:

  1. What Are B2B Lead Generation Tools?
  2. What should you remember when choosing the Best B2B Lead Generation Tools?
  3. Our Selection Criteria for the Best B2B Lead Generation Tools
  4. B2B Lead Generation Tools for Businesses – 13 Best Tools

What Are B2B Lead Generation Tools?

A lead generation campaign usually has two aspects: an efficient strategy for targeting the audience, and the best tools to monitor and execute the lead generation strategy. The B2B lead generation tool assists you in capturing leads. Most tools are automated, and you can focus on developing strategies.

Lead generation automates processes, like finding contacts’ data, displaying relevant popups, qualifying leads, etc., allowing you to spend time nurturing prospects and devising new lead gen tactics.

What should you remember when choosing the Best B2B Lead Generation Tools?

While looking for the best B2B lead generation software, you will likely come across many options offering various features. So, how do you pick the perfect ones for you?

The answer is a little complex, as different businesses have different requirements. But, you should focus on choosing a tool that seamlessly integrates with your business operations and helps you grab the relevant leads you want.

The B2B lead generation tool that you choose should be user-friendly, with useful features at affordable prices. Some factors that you should consider while browsing through the tools are:

B2B Lead Generation Tools
Factors To Consider While Choosing B2B Lead Generation Tools
  • Various pricing options
  • Simplicity of use
  • Scalability and extent of automation
  • Customization options
  • Advanced reporting options
  • Third-party integrations
  • Solid customer support

Our Selection Criteria for the Best B2B Lead Generation Tools

To help you choose the best B2B lead generation tools for your business, we have compared and compiled a list of some great solutions. Here are the criteria that we used for the selection.

1. Features

We have analyzed and considered the unique proposition of the B2B lead generation tool. This includes automation features, in-built analytics, integrations, and UI.

2. Pricing

We have considered the pricing models offered by the software and selected the best ones that provide high value for money.

3. Ratings

The ratings of the tools on credible platforms, like G2 and Capterra, have been considered.

4. Reviews

Recent reviews help us get a clear picture of the usability and performance of the software. We have considered user reviews from sources like G2, Getapp, and Capterra.

B2B Lead Generation Tools for Businesses – 13 Best Tools

Best B2B Lead Generation Tools for Businesses - 1
Best B2B Lead Generation Tools for Businesses – 1


Landing pages are perfect for B2B lead generation, and LeadPages makes it possible to create customized, high-converting landing pages in no time. You can design custom landing pages for specific audiences seamlessly using LeadPages. As the tool easily integrates with your CRM and email marketing software, the leads are automatically transferred to other tools. The best part is that you don’t have to start from scratch, as there are hundreds of high-converting, lead-oriented landing page templates to get you started. LeadPages offers a 14-day free trial, and the pricing plans start from $37/month.


Leadfeeder is a great B2B lead generation software that reveals necessary information about your website visitors. The tool lets you know how the visitors reached your website and what they are looking for. You can unmask the name of the companies visiting your site, and by understanding their behavior, you can prepare better sales pitches. Leadfeeder also provides a lead score based on their web activity. The tool allows you to create data reports quickly, and with easy integration, you can expect a seamless data transfer between your CRM and Leadfeeder. A free version of the tool is available with limited functionalities, and the pricing plans start from $79/month.


This is the most simple lead generation tool! It allows businesses to attain professional email addresses in seconds to connect easily with potential prospects. Once you have gathered the company’s name, you can enter the website domain in this tool, and see information, like the owner’s email address. With the email verifier function, you can even check if the email address exists, or is valid or not. The tool has a Chrome extension, making it really lightweight and easy to use. The free plan is available; paid plans start from $49/month.


OptinMonster is one of the most popular lead generation tools that allow you to create beautiful, interactive website popups in minutes. You can use the drag-and-drop builder to design stunning popups from templates to capture leads from your website visitors. The tool also has an exit-intent feature that displays the screen popup when the visitor is about to leave. You can trigger the popups at the perfect moment, and with your custom messages and lead magnets, you can capture leads effectively. OptinMonster seamlessly integrates with email marketing and CRMs, so real-time captured leads are synced. The pricing plans start from $9/month.


Datanyze is a tool that exclusively focuses on B2B contacts. You can get a wide range of business information, such as names, email addresses, mobile numbers, and more, within seconds. With their Chrome plugin, you can easily browse LinkedIn profiles, social media profiles, and company websites, and this tool will capture their contact information. Then, you can smoothly transfer the captured data to your CRM and sales tool for management and follow-up. An Icebreaker feature allows you to tap into your prospects’ environment to initiate conversations efficiently. A 90-day free trial of the tool is available, and the paid plans start from $21/month.

Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is one of the best B2B lead generation tools to identify your B2B website visitors using smart technology. With the help of your website’s IP addresses (domain names), the tool helps you find new prospects from your website traffic. It grabs data, like company names, contact information, and demographics to provide an overview of your business leads. You can also set alerts to get notified when particular B2B leads visit your website. The leads are synced with the CRM in real-time and reporting features make it easy to track the data captured. Lead Forensics offers a free trial, and for pricing information, you can get a custom quote by contacting them.

Best B2B Lead Generation Tools for Businesses - 2
Best B2B Lead Generation Tools for Businesses – 2


Qualaroo is one of the B2B lead generation tools that helps you conduct thorough research on your audience. You can use it to create different types of engaging surveys for your on-site visitors. Based on user behavior, Qualaroo uses AI technology to display the right surveys in a non-intrusive manner at the perfect time. You can politely ask your website visitors about their experience or offer proactive support through these short surveys. You can easily capture leads by adding an email field to these surveys. Qualaroo offers a 15-day free trial, and the pricing starts from $80/month.


Pipedrive is a complete lead generation and contact management tool that allows you to convert more visitors, and drive engagement. With the help of just an email address, Pipedrive can grab all the information about a lead from public sources. Other useful features, like a chatbot, built-in caller, live chat, and website forms can help you with on-site lead generation. The tool integrates easily with over 300+ tools, making it easier for you to transfer leads and data. The pricing plans for Pipedrive start from $9.90/month.


Quora is a popular forum where people ask questions and exchange answers on different topics. So, these are the B2B lead generation tools that businesses looking for B2B leads shouldn’t miss out on. You can gather upvotes and gain trust by answering questions relevant to your business and industry and proving your expertise. Adding links to your answers and leaving your contact details can open the opportunity for potential prospects to connect with your business. It is a free-to-use platform that is great for demand and lead generation.


Intercom is a popular live chat and communication platform to connect and interact with potential customers and build relationships quickly. This tool can create chatbots, live chats, and product tours, as well as self-serve support. The tool also has an integrated knowledge base and help desk to support prospective and existing customers. With features like A/B testing and performance reports, you can gather actionable insights to work on in your lead generation techniques. You can try this tool for free and paid plans start from $74/month.


TrustPulse is one of the best social-proof notification plugins. But, how does it help with lead generation? TrustPulse enables you to build trust, and building credibility and trust is part of the lead generation strategy. The software shows notifications to website visitors of the activities done by real people on your site, such as viewing products, adding products to a cart, making purchases, or signing up for newsletters. By seeing such notifications on the website, you can quickly build trust with visitors, and this helps to boost leads plus conversions. The pricing plans start from $5/month.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Many businesses use LinkedIn to connect with B2B audiences, and if your target audience is on LinkedIn, then this lead generation is for you. LinkedIn Sales Navigator lets you target specific businesses and people, engage with them, and track leads. The advanced company search feature allows you to find the most relevant prospects easily. The AI-driven tool also suggests leads based on your preferences. As it integrates with your CRM software, you can quickly transfer the data across different software. The tool offers a 30-day free trial, and the plans start from $65/month.


CallPage is a callback automation tool that helps you get more leads with the click-to-call widget. You can improve your customer experience and convert site visitors into leads and customers. By tracking the visitors, CallPage displays a call widget and provides a free callback option to receive a call in 28 seconds or less. If the visitors can’t receive the call, there is an option of “Call Me Later” as well. The website visitors connect directly with your sales team when they submit their contact information. So, it is a really quick and interactive way to capture leads. There is a free plan with limited features. The paid plans start from $19/month.

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s the complete list of the best B2B lead generation tools in the market. Each of these has different functionalities and some unique features. You can choose the perfect set of tools for your B2B ventures by analyzing your budget and requirements per your target audience and lead generation tactics.

However, more than tools are needed to grab leads. You need to have a complete lead generation strategy in place so that the tools make it easier for you to gather B2B leads. If you are low on resources and need external assistance to boost leads, you can outsource the B2B lead generation tools process and utilize your resources to get more effective results. Contact our support team to learn more about our demand and lead generation services.

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