B2B Sales Leads – 7 Powerful Strategies For Lead Generation
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B2B Sales Leads – 7 Powerful Strategies For Lead Generation

If you are a growing organization, focusing on marketing and sales should be your top priority. Today, every business leader and B2B marketer’s primary objective in this business era is to generate high-quality B2B sales leads. 63% of marketers claim lead generation to be their ultimate challenge.

As said, generating sales leads is a challenging task for marketers, but it is not something impossible to do. Having the right strategy can work wonders in lead generation. To elaborate on this point, this blog will brief you on some tips you can use to generate high-quality B2B sales leads. Let’s get started right away!

In this article, you’ll see:

  1. What Are B2B Sales Leads?
  2. Quantity vs. Quality – B2B Sales Leads 
  3. 7 Tips for Generating B2B Sales Leads

What Are B2B Sales Leads?

B2B is generally a transaction between businesses. For example, between a retailer and a wholesaler. B2B sales leads are contacts or companies that might be interested in your company’s products or services and have the potential to convert those leads into your customers. 

B2B sales leads are usually classified into two types:

  • Marketing qualified leads
  • Sales qualified leads
Types of B2B Sales Leads
Types of B2B Sales Leads


Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

Marketing qualified leads are leads gained at the top of the sales funnel who interact with your sales and marketing efforts, such as subscribing to your newsletter or signing a form. The marketing team defines leads as MQLs if they have higher conversion potential.

Sales Qualified Lead (SQLs)

A sales-qualified lead has shown near-term interest in buying your product or service. When MQLs are progressing into SQLs, they are ready to engage with your sales team, such as asking for more information on your products or services or booking a demo meeting with your sales team.

There are various ways to generate more B2B sales leads through different B2B sales channels. We’ll cover some exciting tips for B2B sales leads and lead generation.

Quantity vs. Quality – B2B Sales Leads 

Every sales process is a filtering process. To succeed and get high-quality leads, you need to know the difference between quantity and quality. 

Quantity B2B Sales Lead

Quantity plays an important role in the B2B sales leads because it actively regulates the ascendable of sales. For instance, if you reach 100 high-quality leads, it converts into one appointment, and if you reach 200 high-quality leads, it can convert into two appointments. So, quantity is more important for sales development. 

Quality B2B Sales Lead

The quantity is less important for B2B sales leads than the quality. In certain situations, increasing the total number of leads can have a negative impact on your business, but at the same time, increasing the quality can lead to part of success. Managing the quality of B2B leads during the sales process starting stage can reduce the churn rate, and help build customer satisfaction in the post-purchase stage. 

7 Tips for Generating B2B Sales Leads

7 Tips for Generating B2B Sales Leads
7 Tips for Generating B2B Sales Leads

1. Create Many Landing Pages

Landing pages are b2b lead generation strategies that brings in many new B2B sales leads. When a potential customer shows interest in your landing page and gets redirected to the website to a specific page, they are captured as leads.

Building several landing pages targeting a broad range of B2B audiences can improve your chances of generating sales-qualified leads. Ensure you have many landing pages to direct every sales leads to the most relevant one.

2. Utilize Content Marketing

85% of B2B marketers say lead generation is their most important content marketing goal. Creating content that your prospect will find interesting is a strategic marketing tactic that can drive high-quality leads. B2B content marketing includes blogs, infographics, eBooks, newsletters, and whitepapers. Analyzing buyer persona and customizing your content according to your ideal target audience can increase your chances of lead conversion.  

Your content should focus on essential topics that interest your target readers, such as answering their pain points and challenges. You should sound like a subject matter expert in the desired problem you are solving for your potential customer. Demonstrate that you understand your target audience’s concerns or frustrations, but you should also clarify that your company possesses the knowledge, data, and tools required to overcome them. 

Include desired CTA (call-to-action) in your content. This CTA can ultimately drive readers to a lead form, where they’ll leave their contact information and await a sales email or call.

You may also offer gated content, such as providing them free access to an ebook or a pdf by filling out a lead form, so that you can get your desired lead information. 

3. Maintain an Updated Data List

You need an updated B2B sales list to support your outbound marketing strategy: Some tips are listed below.

Organize your data according to the target audience, such as analyzing their behavioral patterns. This can ensure that you only spend your marketing efforts with targeted people who need your product or services. 

Utilize CRM software or customer data platform (CDP) to import data, streamline sales, enhance marketing efforts and customer service, as well as improve management to speed up communication and get real-time results.

4. Use Exit-Intent Popups

We all come across popups around the Internet on different websites. No matter how annoying they look, they are proven to generate business leads and conversions. Exit-intent popups are a bit different as they are displayed on the screen when the website visitor is about to leave.

You can offer something valuable to potential B2B prospects, like a webinar sign-up, whitepaper, research guide, or a promotional offer in exchange for their email address/contact info. Design your popups as friendly and non-intrusive, which can help you capture quality B2B leads.

5. Use Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the most popular marketing channels and an effective way to capture B2B leads. The platform provides you with an opportunity not just to generate leads but interact with the target audience simultaneously. For B2B sales leads, LinkedIn is the perfect platform. However, the platform may vary from industry to industry.

You can easily set up your business profile on relevant social media platforms and can post regularly to boost engagement. Using social media advertising, you can also place your ads to target the right audience, which helps generate the best B2B sales leads.

6. Create Case Studies & Get Testimonial

B2B buyers are often analytical, and risk-averse as they want to invest in the right place. So, before making any purchase, they look for like-minded businesses that might have invested in your brand, and if so, what was their experience? This is where the case studies come in.

Create case studies on your existing clients, and explain how your product or service benefits their business. You can take quotes or video messages from some clients and post them in the testimonials section to boost credibility. You can leave a short contact form on these case study pages for potential clients to discuss a similar business opportunity.

7. Launch an Affiliate Marketing Program

Finally, we have a B2B affiliate program on the list to generate sales leads, and it works because the program revolves around trusted voices in the industry to help you boost your reach. In this, trusted content creators, marketers, influencers, and experts in the B2B space promote your products or services through their blogs, social media posts or stories, or even their YouTube channels.

An affiliate link to your page is used when the creators promote your brand, and, based on the number of unique clicks, the creator gets their commission. So, if you can get affiliates considered an authority in the industry, you can bring in quality B2B leads that are more likely to convert.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is lead generation in sales?

Lead generation in sales is the process of gaining the interest of potential prospects to increase future sales for your business.

2. Why is lead generation in sales important?

When generating leads, any business needs to guide the prospects through the buyer’s journey to the end of the funnel. This is done by sales or marketing professionals. Sales lead generation helps with growth by increasing the revenue of a company.

3. How do you qualify sales leads?

The sales team qualifies a lead based on their interaction and the interest the lead shows toward the product or service. Qualifying leads can occur during an initial call or further down the sales and marketing efforts.

4. What are the stages of sales lead?

The sales leads are in the subscriber stage, the lead nurturing stage, the qualified marketing lead stage, and the sales-qualified lead stage. 

5. What are some ways to generate more leads for your business?

Optimizing your social media profile, writing and publishing informative blog posts, and creating an email sequence are several methods to generate more leads for your business. 

Final Thoughts

To generate quality B2B sales leads, you should have clear goals to build trust and capture leads. This will help you generate better leads from your ideal target audience.

However, B2B lead generation is complex because you can’t only copy and paste these tips for your business. Only some things work for everyone, and by testing the strategies, you need to figure out what works the best for your audience.

You can even outsource your B2B lead generation process if you are running low on resources or need a fresh perspective. This way, you can rely on experts to bring in quality business leads while your team can focus on closing the deals. Contact our team to learn more about our B2B demand generation and lead generation services.

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