Best 5 B2B Prospecting Tools to Drive Your Conversion Rate
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Best 5 B2B Prospecting Tools to Drive Your Conversion Rate

What is more important than bringing in new clients to your business? Acquiring clients for a business is called the recurring process. You can’t just stop with just a set of customers. You should maintain the pace to smooth out the flow of your sales funnel. And that too, when it comes to B2B prospecting becomes challenging. Utilizing B2B prospecting tools can simplify your efforts in choosing the right audience and helps you automate the monotonous processes. According to a survey, 45% of sales teams witnessed tremendous results by incorporating B2B prospecting tools into their business. 

If you want to achieve your targets, like those sales teams, this article is for you. Here is a list of B2B prospecting tools that can keep you away from a few tasks and free your bandwidth to focus on other initiatives.

Table of Contents:

  1. B2B Prospecting Tools – EaseYour Process
  2. Importance of B2B Prospecting in Sales
  3. The 5 Best B2B Prospecting Tools
  4. FAQs
  5. Bottom Line
  6. Related Reads

B2B Prospecting Tools – Ease Your Sales Process

From finding the list of contacts to reach out to, to actively nurturing them at regular intervals, B2B prospecting tools can hold a major part in your business. All you have to do is pick the right tools to help you in each step of the prospecting process. You could find wholesome tools that provide end-to-end support. In addition to that, you can also try tools that are specific to actions, like lead sourcing tools, nurturing tools, campaign set-up, and automation tools, as well as scheduling tools.

The Importance of B2B Prospecting Tools in Sales

B2B prospecting plays an important role in sales. B2B prospecting helps businesses find their potential leads, and convert them into their clients. Prospecting helps a lot with acquiring quality leads who will more than likely become your customers at the end of the sales funnel. B2B prospecting also helps businesses nurture their leads and only qualifies quality prospects through the sales funnel.

For this reason, B2B prospecting is very important, boosting sales and growing your business. Here are some reasons to describe why B2B prospecting is important in sales: 

B2B Prospecting Tools - Importance of B2B Prospecting
B2B Prospecting Tools – Importance of B2B Prospecting

Gathers Information

Studying your clients before opening a conversation is a crucial step. B2B prospecting tools scan multiple leads and look for their key information. With the gathered information, you can build your sales strategy to connect with them. The collected information can also push you to curate a personalized pitch that resonates well with your audience. 

Acquires Quality Clients

B2B prospecting helps businesses acquire more quality clients. These tools look for the prospects of a certain persona that you suggest, and bring it to your table for proceeding further. As a result, the contacts you gain are the most suitable, and potential leads for your business, which would positively influence your conversion rate. 

Customizes the Target Market

With B2B prospecting tools, you can optimize your target market. It allows you to fine-tune your search filters, and collect information about high-potential clients. You have multiple filters in the tools to uniquely define your target market in a few clicks. By rightly specifying the industry, employee size, location, and other specifications you can get a list of target audiences who could highly benefit from your services. 

Increases Conversion Rate

B2B prospecting helps to increase sales conversion rates. Many prospects part ways before reaching the end of the sales funnel. Due to various reasons, they might not decide to complete a deal with your business. In this case, prospecting tools enhance the nurturing process in multiple ways and urge your prospects to pass through every stage and successfully convert them into your customers. 

Hikes the Return on Investment

All these benefits can eventually impact your return on investment. Adapting to B2B prospecting tools can monitor your performance. Visualizing the reports can help you decide on the ideas to be continued and tweaked for further betterment. 

The 5 Best B2B Prospecting Tools

Identifying the target market, finding your ideal prospects, and gathering their contact information can be difficult and time-consuming. But, the process can be made easy by making use of B2B prospecting tools. B2B prospecting tools not only help you save a lot of time and effort but also help you achieve the desired result. You can find B2B prospecting tools based on your budget and requirements.

Here are some of the best B2B prospecting tools that you can consider making use of for your sales:

Best B2B Prospecting Tools
Best B2B Prospecting Tools

Let’s dive into the details.


Bombora is one of the best B2B prospecting tools out there. This prospecting tool helps a lot with identifying your prospect’s intent. You can gather prospect intent data, and analyze their actions. This data helps the user understand the prospect in a much better way and helps them succeed in closing more deals.

B2B Prospecting Tools - Bombara
B2B Prospecting Tools – Bombara

Some of the key features of Bombora are as follows:

  • Allows you to identify your hot leads.
  • Helps with better outreach. 
  • Helps improve your sales conversion rate.
  • Has better CRM integrations. 

Check out Bombora and experience the ease of automating your business process.


BuiltWith is one of the unique B2B prospecting tools that are designed to help users have an understanding of the software their ideal clients use. This helps businesses target higher-quality leads.  

B2B Prospecting Tools - BuiltWith
B2B Prospecting Tools – BuiltWith

Some of the key features of BuiltWith are as follows:

  • Helps identify and learn about the tools your ideal client is using. 
  • Helps find new customers with your existing clientele.
  • Offers better Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration.

To read and understand your clients better, start exploring BuiltWith now.


This B2B prospecting tool Overloop is formerly known as This tool helps small businesses build their prospecting lists, engages leads, helps manage the sales pipeline, and also allows businesses to analyze their sales efforts.

B2B Prospecting Tools - Overloop
B2B Prospecting Tools – Overloop

Some of the key features of Overloop are as follows:

  • Helps find emails and email addresses while browsing.
  • Allows businesses to automate their outreach.
  • Lets businesses track and analyze their results for their efforts. 

If you find your outreach process is taking time, Overloop is here to automate and ease your efforts.


Another great B2B prospecting tool is LeadFuze. It is a platform that has its own tricks and performs them well. Businesses benefit a lot from making use of this tool.

B2B Prospecting Tools – LeadFuze

Some of the key features of LeadFuze are as follows:

  • Helps find quality prospects and their contact information. 
  • Seamlessly, offers better integration with various tools.

LeadFuze is a bank of contacts from which you can scrape data of your preferences.


Clearbit is another B2B prospecting platform you should consider. This tool is a very handy B2B prospecting tool that can actually convert website traffic into quality leads. This tool can benefit your sales in many ways.

B2B Prospecting Tools – Clearbit

Some of the key features of Clearbit are as follows:

  • Allows you to verify which visitor’s profile matches your ideal customer’s profile, and target them.
  • Helps you identify the intent of your website visitors.
  • Notifies you via email, Slack, or Salesforce whenever a quality prospect visits your website.

You can explore Clearbit for your business. and see how it saves you from the monotonous process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the benefits of prospecting in sales?

Some of the benefits of prospecting in sales include:

– Helps gather information about the client.
– Helps acquire more clients.
– Allows you to customize your target audience.
– Increases revenue generation.
– Increases conversion rate.

2. What is a B2B appointment setting?

B2B appointment setting refers to the process where specialized representatives get involved in sales development activities. A sales representative will cold call and follow up with the leads who are at the top-of-the-funnel and will set up appointments for the sales team to further discuss their business, and the type of service or product they offer. 

3. What does prospecting mean in B2B?

Prospecting in B2B refers to the act of looking for potential leads who will most likely be converted into clients, buyers, or customers at the end of the sales funnel. The main goal of B2B prospecting is to nurture the leads and help them progress through the sales funnel until they become a company’s client or buyer.

4. What are three prospecting techniques?

The 3 main prospecting techniques that you can consider for your B2B business are as follows:

– Content marketing
– Email marketing
– Referrals

5. Which platforms are best for B2B sales prospecting?

Here are some of the best platforms for B2B sales prospecting:

– Datanyze
– Vainu
– BuiltWith
– Bombora
– Clearbit

The Bottom Line

If you have been looking for some of the best B2B prospecting tools, this article should help you. Make sure to make use of these B2B prospecting tools to boost your sales, and grow your business. B2B prospecting tools help you work efficiently by saving a lot of time and effort.

If you have been looking for services that can help you boost your sales to another level, make sure to reach out to us for effective appointment-setting services that can help you close a sales deal.

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