Outsource Sales Calls: The Ultimate Guide
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Outsource Sales Calls: The Ultimate Guide

Outsource Sales Calls: The Ultimate Guide

Cold calling remains one of the most effective lead-generation strategies. 82% of buyers agreeing to meetings when approached by salespeople in 2022. However, handling sales calls in-house requires significant investment. This is why outsourcing has become a $92.5 billion industry.

This guide will explore the following subtopics: 

  • The benefits of outsourcing sales calls
  • Best practices in utilizing outsourced cold calling
  • How to choose an outsourcing partner to boost your sales

The Current State of Cold Calling in Business

Cold calling is far from obsolete in the world of sales and lead generation. Studies show that it garners results:

These statistics highlight that if done right, cold calling remains an impactful sales strategy in today’s market.

It’s natural for businesses to consider more cost-effective solutions without compromising sales. This is due to the costs associated with maintaining infrastructure, sales teams, and technology. This is where outsourcing sales calls comes in.

Understanding Outsourcing in Sales Calls

The global outsourcing market was valued at $92.5 billion in 2019. This shows that businesses recognize the benefits of outsourcing non-core yet essential functions.

When it comes to sales calls, outsourcing provides access to the following: 

  • Dedicated cold calling teams
  • Robust technology
  • Expertise in lead generation campaigns

Businesses can focus energy on vital tasks while optimized sales calls drive growth.

Benefits of Outsourcing Sales Calls

Handling sales calls in-house requires investments in infrastructure, personnel, and capabilities. Outsourced sales calls offer strategic and financial benefits:

Access to Trained Calling Experts

Outsourcing providers recruit experienced cold-calling professionals in:

  • Voicing compelling script content
  • Responding meaningfully during conversations
  • Capturing lead details accurately

This level of consistent performance requires extensive hiring, training, and monitoring mechanisms. They drive up in-house costs and management bandwidth.

Performance Focus, Analytics Rigor

Outsourcing teams are laser-focused on sales call KPIs like connect rates, lead outcomes, and campaign costs. Ongoing optimization and analytics reviews are based on these metrics. They’re integral to their engagement.

Such data-backed rigor is hard to install in generalist in-house teams. Outsourced calling hence uplifts results predictability.

Reduced Costs and Infrastructure Needs

Outsourcing partners merge sales calling workloads from various clients. As a result, economies of scale reduce their operational costs in certain areas. Examples of this include talent, software, analytics, and administration.

Consequently, the workload-adjusted pricing is far more cost-effective than handling similar capacity in-house.

Flexibility and Burst Support

Seasonal peaks or new product launches often warrant short-term calling capacity boosts.  With outsourcing, sudden workload spikes can be managed without disruptively expanding teams.

Risk Mitigation

Over-investment risks in building in-house capacity for uncertain sales projections are negated. Outsourcing provides easy scale-up when traction improves.

Conversely, unexpected shortfalls don’t saddle businesses with stranded calling capacities. They should be managed through flexible outsourcing.

Evaluating these well-rounded benefits explains why 59% of organizations leverage outsourcing. They enhance productivity and reduce costs related to sales calls.

Outsource Sales Calls: The Ultimate Guide
Outsource Sales Calls: The Ultimate Guide

Cold Calling Strategies in Outsourcing

Outsourcing partners use customized cold calling strategies. They’re based on campaign objectives to deliver maximum impact for client businesses.

Appointment Setting Calls

A direct approach focused on scheduling sales meetings and demos with potential customers.

The outsourced caller utilizes concise yet compelling scripting and responsive engagement. They intrigue the prospect enough to provide time for a meeting. Data capturing is focused on securing an appointment rather than lead details.

This strategy works well when the priority is to get opportunities to pitch to promising contacts. These prospects are open to exploring new solutions. Success is measured by appointments set and potential deal value rather than lead volume.

Lead Generation Calls

A consultative approach should be focused on nurturing contacts. They’re identified through research and intent data as likely buyers.

Establish the context and ask intelligent questions. Outsourced callers stimulate interest in exploring business challenges. The client offering can potentially address those. The conversation focuses on capturing promising leads.

The lead details are passed on to the sales team for further qualification and closure. Success is measured by quality lead volume, sales accepted lead percentage, and pipeline generated.

Customization and Optimization

Experienced outsourcing partners also blend these approaches across targeted campaigns. For example, have lead generation calls optimized for IT decision makers. Simultaneously,  appointment setting for Finance leadership contacts within the same organization.

They also continually evolve through the following: 

  • Campaign analytics
  • Periodic optimization
  • Collaboration with client sales leadership

The aim is to devise the most effective combination of the following. This includes messaging, contact targeting, conversational approach, and metrics. They focus uniquely tuned for each customer profile.

Specialized outsourcing partners are skilled in adapting their cold-calling techniques. They match it with business customer and campaign-specific needs. Their methodologies are fine-tuned to deliver efficient outcomes.

Outsource Sales Calls: The Ultimate Guide
Outsource Sales Calls: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

Selecting the right sales call outsourcing partner is vital for the success of your cold calling initiatives. Here are the key considerations:

Trained and Experienced Sales Staff

The foundation of effective outsourced sales calls is the quality and expertise of the staff making those calls. Partners should have:

  • Rigorous recruitment filtering for communication skills, discipline, and work ethic
  • Comprehensive training programs around sales methodologies, objections handling, compliance, and more
  • Sales teams with experience across various industries to spur contextual conversations

These factors show the partner invests heavily in people – their strongest asset. It empowers them to execute campaigns professionally.

Mature Operational Practices

Signs of an established partner include:

  • Clear and structured onboarding process
  • Well-defined call quality monitoring mechanisms
  • Platform for campaign analytics and visibility
  • Secure mechanisms for data privacy and information exchange
  • Backups against downtime or business continuity issues

These business practices enable transparency, trust, and performance vital for a productive relationship.

Customization Capabilities

Partners must display readiness to adapt by:

  • Collaborating with sales leadership to understand niche industry needs
  • Scripting conversations specifically personalized for each customer profile
  • Blending various strategies across targeted calling campaigns
  • Continually optimizing approach based on campaign analytics reviews

The ideal partner feels like an integrated extension of your sales machinery.

Competitive yet Fair Pricing

As outsourcing aims to optimize sales costs, the pricing model must reflect:

  • Quality relative to service levels across parameters highlighted above
  • Degree of customization and account management support
  • Phagwara of campaign analytics, best practices, and optimization recommendations

The partner completely justifies the ROI – but you remain in control.

Choose an outsourcing ally aligned across these considerations. It sets you up for outsourced cold-calling success. Businesses should shortlist partners aligning with expectations across these aspects. It enables productive sales call outsourcing.

Criteria Details to Consider Status
Trained and Experienced Staff – Rigorous recruitment for communication skills, discipline, and work ethic. [ ]
– Comprehensive training in sales methodologies, objections handling, compliance, etc. [ ]
– Experience across various industries for contextual conversations. [ ]
Mature Operational Practices – Clear onboarding process. [ ]
– Structured call quality monitoring mechanisms. [ ]
– Campaign analytics and visibility platform. [ ]
– Data privacy and information exchange security. [ ]
– Contingency plans for downtime or business continuity. [ ]
Customization Capabilities – Collaboration with sales leadership for niche industry needs. [ ]
– Personalized scripting for each customer profile. [ ]
– Blending various strategies across targeted campaigns. [ ]
– Continuous optimization based on campaign analytics. [ ]
Competitive yet Fair Pricing – Pricing reflecting quality and service levels. [ ]
– Customization and account management support. [ ]
– Transparency in campaign analytics, best practices, and optimization recommendations. [ ]
– Ensuring ROI while maintaining control. [ ]

Outsourced Cold Calling: Is It Right for Your Business?

Before embracing outsourced cold calling, it is wise to assess if it aligns with your business model. Consider parameters like:

Sales Cycle Complexity

Outsourcing entire customer conversations may not be prudent. This applies to simple or transactional sales with a defined timeline. Your in-house team’s context and control over closing could be better.

However, for complex enterprise sales with many stakeholders, outsourced partners can nurture opportunities. They qualify needs and identify buying committee contacts through their consultative calling. So alignment to your sales cycle is vital.

Internal Capabilities and Bandwidth

If selling needs specialized knowledge or real-time order processing, enable teams through training. Along with that, tools may work better than outsourcing. But if bandwidth limits outreach scale, outsourced calling support makes sense. Analyze if outsourcing complements your teams.

Data Security and Compliance Factors

For businesses dealing with regulated data, check if partners meet rigorous standards. This is besides establishing watertight contracting and protocols. However, concerns around data sharing should not deter consulting expert outsourcing providers. They enact enterprise-grade security and compliance measures. 

So rather than hesitate, evaluate thoroughly. Outsourcing sales calls offers immense advantages. They ensure strategic alignment and secure mechanisms. These are vital to maximizing its impact on your business growth ambitions.

Long-term Impact of Outsourcing on Sales and Business Growth

The collective benefits of outsourcing enhance a business’ stability and ability to sustain growth over the long term:

Optimized Inbound Machinery

Outsourced calling generates qualified leads consistently:

  • Widens reach to nurture promising prospects across niches
  • Alleviates pressure to speed up outreach amid sales team bandwidth limitations
  • Enables faster response times to inbound requests through qualified lead outsourcing

The optimized inbound machinery fuels growth engines.

Internal Resource Focus

With lead generation machinery outsourced, businesses can divert investments into:

  • Enhancing product engineering and market competitiveness
  • Strengthening customer success and retention activities
  • Expanding sales through lateral hiring and vertical role specialization

Outsourcing provides cost leverage to amplify capabilities across high-impact activities. It’s better option instead of trying to scale outbound and inbound with constrained sales budgets. 

Gradual Ramped-Up Scale

Outsourcing allows controlled and staggered boosts in outreach:

  • Campaigns expanded to wider targets and new territories
  • Team sizes expanded progressively to match growth
  • New use cases and specialized outsourcing partnerships

This prevents drastic internal team expansion costs with uncertain ROI and burn risks for young revenue streams. Outsourcing offers a flexible scale.

The cumulative advantages make outsourcing a key pillar of an expanding business. Industry forecasts predict business process outsourcing to grow by 8.3% CAGR through 2028. This is a validation of its long-term sustainability benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact of outsourced sales calls on in-house sales teams?

Outsourced teams play a complementary role to internal sales personnel by qualifying promising leads. This enables in-house closers to focus on driving deals with solid prospects.

What risks are associated with outsourcing sales calls?

Data privacy, cultural alignment, and quality monitoring need special attention when outsourcing sales calls. However, choosing partners with robust protocols and transparency mitigates these risks.

How to measure the success of an outsourced sales call program?

Success can be tracked by monitoring metrics like call connect rates, conversations to meetings set ratios, pipeline generated, and revenue contribution over time. Periodic optimization is key.


Sales call outsourcing continues to provide strategic and operational advantages that impact revenue and growth. Adopting best practices around selecting partners, campaign optimization, target setting, and monitoring progress is key to realizing the complete value.

Businesses looking to scale sales in a sustainable, efficient manner have much to gain from evaluating and integrating this vital business process outsourcing practice.


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